‘Surviving Marriage’ A&E TV Show Cast Spoilers

'Surviving Marriage' Cast

Surviving Marriage is a TV show on A&E and it follows couples on the brink of divorce as they are stranded on a remote island. On the island, they undergo an extreme form of therapy in hopes of fixing their troubled marriages. The premiere introduces the first couple taking on the challenges of marriage as well as exercises in a "Survivor"-like atmosphere. Dr. Colleen Long, a licensed clinical psychologist, and Dr. Tom Kersting, a family therapist, are the hosts of the show and explain the reasons behind each exercise that the couples have to face together. Cleburn and April are the first couple introduced. They have five children and their issues include cheating from both as well as Cleburn's disrespect and temper. He blames her for his not accomplishing his dreams in a career as a fighter. Each week, we meet a different couple. Click through our gallery to get a look at some of the people you'll be seeing on the show this season. Other couples on the show include Josh and Alethea, Alex and Lorena, Damian and Randi, and Dennis and Tamar. To check out some of the cast members, click through our gallery of photos from the show. (Photo by 2015 A+E Networks
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