Roberto Esquivel, Vicente Fernandez’s doctor: How did he Save his Life 3 Times?

Vicente Fernandez (L) and Dr. Roberto Esquivel in his ranch Los Tres Potrillos, April 21. (Instagram/Vicente Fernandez)

Vicente Fernandez (L) and Dr. Roberto Esquivel in his ranch Los Tres Potrillos, April 21. (Instagram/Vicente Fernandez)

The legendary singer Vicente Fernandez is thankful to be alive. He is also thanking his personal doctor Roberto Esquivel, who has always been there and has saved his life three times.

A month ago, the legendary singer was submitted to surgery due to a ventral hernia, at a hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico. A couple of days later, a statement was release by Star Productions:

The Mexican Charro singer Vicente Fernandez, 75, was released from the hospital after spending seven days undergoing treatment for a hernia surgery. Fernández was admitted to the hospital on March 22 after suffering a ventral (abdominal) hernia. Fernández thanked his fans for their well wishes and is happy to be at home in Huentitán recuperating along side his family.”

During his recovery, Dr. Roberto Esquivel has been by his side giving him positive feedback. Fernandez, who is 75 years old, needs to be careful with his condition since these medical measures can be harmful for his age.

Dr. Esquivel has been paying very close attention to his friend and patient. In 2013, after Fernandez finished swimming in his pool, Dr. Esquivel was next to the singer and noticed him too agitated and a buzzing sound was coming from his throat (Spanish). After a couple of tests, doctors found that the singer had a small clot in his lungs, according to Milenio. Vicente Fernandez Jr. told them that his father had “a pulmonary thrombosis…luckily, with 48 hours of treatment he has responded very well, much faster than the doctors believed”.

Fernandez first health scare happened in 2012 during a regular check-up with Dr. Esquivel. He detected something abnormal in Fernandez’s liver. He found a tumor that was obstructing his left biliary duct. Fernandez need it surgery but not the traditional one because it would have required a large abdominal incision, and could have possibly injured his abdominal muscles and diaphragm; which would have jeopardized his singing career. Instead, Fernandez underwent surgery at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System, in Chicago. They use the Da Vinci surgical system, where doctors make very small incisions using robotic arms to precisely control the movements of the surgical instruments inside the patient. Dr. Esquivel was present during the successful surgery.

Since 2012, Fernandez has been planning a farewell tour, which has been interrupted various times due to his health problems. Now, the icon of rancheras wants to have a farewell concert this year at the Zocalo, Mexico City’s largest plaza.

In a statement Fernandez said:

I always said that I would like to say farewell there with all of my people.It is my farewell from the stage and I assure you that it will be something we are not going to forget”.

Now, that you know how doctor Roberto Esquivel has saved Vicente Fernandez’s life. Click through our gallery of his best Instagram photos.

Vicente Fernandez posted this photo after rumors of his death were all over the Internet, on April 10. (Instagram/Vicente Fernandez)