What Time Does ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 3 Start On Netflix?

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Netflix’s hit show Orange is the New Black is back — six hours early — for its third season.

The season was expected be released at 3 a.m. Eastern time and midnight Pacific time on Friday, June 12. But Netflix tweeted just after 9 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, June 11 that the season had been released early.

Netflix released all the episodes at once, so you can get started on your binge-watching a little early. There are 14 episodes set for the season and you can find each of the episode titles below:

Episode 1 – “It’s the Great Blumpkin, Charlie Brown”

Episode 2 – “I’m a B—- Because I’m Sad”

Episode 3 – “Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Bad People”

Episode 4 – “The Great Hate F***”

Episode 5 – “Kids: Yum!”

Episode 6 – “Offended But Okay”

Episode 7 – “Back to the Rape Well”

Episode 8 – “Use Your Tears as Lube”

Episode 9 – “Heroin Robin Hood”

Episode 10 – “The Rapiest Pap Smear”

Episode 11 – “Gay Feet”

Episode 12 – “Never-ending Rumspringa”

Episode 13 – “Hot for Janitor”

Episode 14 – “Great Service, Lovely Scent”

New cast members for the season include comedian Mike Birbiglia, actress Mary Steenburgen, actress Blair Brown, and actress Marsha Stephanie Blake. And, Alex (Laura Prepon) is returning this season. Laverne Cox talked about the new season in a recent interview and said:

It’s amazing. I think more of [what we saw in season two], but what our show does so well is it has a balance between the very serious and the comedic.

In addition, according to the co-creator of the show, Jenji Kohan, this season will be about faith, will have more violence and will have steamier sex scenes.

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