‘Escaping Polygamy’ TV Show Cast

'Escaping Polygamy' Cast

Escaping Polygamy is a new TV show on the Lifetime Movie Network, which features a cast of three sisters who escaped from the Kingston clan, a polygamous cult. They were raised by a polygamist family in Salt Lake City, Utah, and each of the sisters grew up with 12 biological sibling, plus about 200 half-sisters and brothers. Jessica, Andrea, and Shanell Christensen now make it a point to help others who wish to escape from the lifestyle. Jessica Christensen talked to FOX News about their upbringing, stating: I was raised in polygamy. I was born to Heidi and John Daniel. Heidi is John Daniel’s sixth wife out of 14 wives. My lifestyle growing up was kind of like she was just a single mom. My dad was the disciplinarian. It was a pretty abusive environment, primarily physical abuse from my dad, and then there was also sexual abuse within the group from children to children—the older children to younger children. When it comes to what their mission is, Jessica explains: I want people to realize there are polygamous groups all over the country… I want people to care and do something about it. I want people in Salt Lake to reach out to the families that they think are polygamous and do something. They are not just in Utah. There may be somebody in the group that doesn’t want to live that way. And as for any advice on what to do if you're in a cult and wish to leave, Jessica states: Getting out is a [multi-]step process. You physically move your stuff out, but you also need to emotionally get out and mentally [you need to] stop thinking the way they have trained you to think. For some people, that’s the part where they can’t stay out ... they can’t make decisions for themselves. They can’t think for themselves. The show airs at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Tuesdays. Now that you're all caught up, click through our gallery to get to know a little bit more about the brave three sisters.

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