PHOTOS: Whitney Way Thore, ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’

Whitney Way Thore went to college and her entire life changed. The North Carolina native had struggled with her own body acceptance throughout her life but over the course of her four years at Appalachian State, Thore battled a weight gain that had both her and doctors reeling. She gained 100 pounds during her freshman year alone and the once 140-pound dancer graduated at over 300 pounds. Since then Thore has struggled to not only lose weight but to find her own self worth without considering the number on the scale. It's a constant work in progress. Still, Thore has found a boost after appearing on the TLC show 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' which is set to start its second season on September 9. Click through the gallery to see some of Thore's best social media moments and learn more about her path to self-acceptance. (Instagram)

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Madu Wise Kanyiti

Hi sweet Whitney from Ghana.
My good sister, I have suffered the same
heavy weight fatigue problem for 3 good yrs.
But I wasnt intrested in drugs, so I was given raw garlic
daily and made to run long distance.
God willing am ok now, with a 1/4 of the
weight i use to have.
My sweet sweet sister, pls try that if U are my type.
Good Luck.


Whitney Way Thore,
Please try going vegan. It has been proven to help people with PCOS. And diabetes! It’s helped me with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Please please give it a try! I hope you see this.
Kind Regards, Joan

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