Elle King’s Father, Dad Rob Schneider: CMA Awards 2016

In 1989, model London King and comedian and SNL veteran Rob Schneider gave birth to their daughter, country singer Elle King. The couple was only married for a year before divorcing. Elle's mother, London, eventually went on to marry her stepfather, musician Justin Tessa, when King was 11-years-old. The singer had a bit of a tumultuous childhood, and tells Billboard, "I got kicked out of school in eighth grade. It was a horrible place; just rich kids being bad." Elle added on, "When you grow up in New York with famous parents, you kind of end up running into other kids with famous parents." According to the news outlet, she came home with a pierced tongue when she was 13, which is when her mother sent her to live with Rob, who was filming Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. (Getty)