Amy Roloff’s Date ‘Chris’ On ‘Little People Big World’

Amy Roloff, Amy Roloff Dating Chris, Amy Roloff Boyfriend, Amy Roloff Little People Big World, Who Is Amy Roloff Dating


When Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff, of Little People Big World, decided to get a divorce, fans were saddened. But now, Amy is having a ball and has fully entered the dating scene. On the show, Amy starts dishing to her daughter about a guy named Chris that she was hanging out with and about how he invited her on a motorcycle ride. Tonight’s official episode synopsis states that, “Amy gets cozy with Chris after a romantic date.”

Amy’s daughter Molly, who recently got engaged to her boyfriend Joel, chats with her mother and tells the cameras she thinks it’s good that her mom is having a good time. Molly says that she and her brothers were concerned when their parents decided to pull the plug on their marriage. Molly explains:

I think we all worried a little bit about our parents going through a divorce like that and especially coming right as we’re all moving out. That’s already hard for parents. I’m glad my mom is getting out. I think that’s good because it would be really easy to just kind of get stuck.

Amy Roloff, Amy Roloff Dating Chris, Amy Roloff Boyfriend, Amy Roloff Little People Big World, Who Is Amy Roloff Dating


In an interview with People, Amy previously talked about dating in general and said:

I find the single life at my stage right now all brand new. I feel like I’m in high school again. Be adventurous. Take a chance.

In recent news, there has been no official word of Amy Roloff having a boyfriend, but you never know. We’ll have to wait and see if she and Chris are in it for the long haul.


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Matt kicked Amy to the curb and couldn’t wait to be divorced. Amy was heartbroken, and you could see that she had regrets about not putting Matt first in their marriage. Last season it seemed like Matt hated Amy. I’m very happy for Amy, although I do worry about this guy and hope he’s not in it for the TV fame and Amy ends up getting hurt. I think Amy is pushing it but she’s been lonely for so long. I hope her kids reel this situation in a bit. But if he turns out to be a goood guy, then im100% for their relationship!


Very odd watching this show. I missed many shows along the way but was shocked to see them splitting.
I really think Divorce should be the final option and all other avenues explored.
Matt is gung ho, a little odd but seems to mean well for the family.
This guy Chris sets off the alarms.


I’m not sure why but Amy and her “new man” is sorta making me feel ill. Thought I would be happy for her, maybe it just seems rushed? Is it cause a man his age never been married before? That shouldn’t be strange…right? His response as to why was sorta like it never came up. Hmmmm. It just seemed like he had to think about that answer way too long. Not sure why all kinds of flags going up? Anyone else feeling this way?


Feel the same way. Her giddiness is annoying and silly. Matt has worked endlessly to make the farm home. She is always angry and bitchy. Needs to move off farm and leave him in peace.


Oh, please, Amy loves to cook, as do I. Matt is having a terrible time getting around and would be lost in the big house. He’s totally revamping the trailer to fit his needs.


Agree. Hard to watch Amy acting like this. May need to DVR & skip past her segments. Just get really annoyed with all of the giggling & “smile/giggle” talking.


I’m posting too much, but it’s because, for the first time, I find this show delightful and look forward to it each week. I love seeing Amy so happy and find it endearing.


I agree with Anna, Run, Chris, Run! Amy’s a bitch!


totally agree..Who is Chris? where did she meet him? she is just so selfish and arrogant to Matt.


Are you not watching the show and just blindly commenting, because if you watched the show, you would have the answers to your questions. I think Amy has been incredibly understanding with Matt.


You must not even watch the show to not know the answers to the questions you posed. I will never understand why people post about things they know nothing about.


I also see red flags. How do we know he’s not using her…to get fame or her money. I’m gonna feel really bad for Amy if Chris is using her. She needs to slow down and date others as well before she settles on one man. Somebody close to her please warn her to slow down.

Grandma Lily

What does it matter if he’s “never” been married before? So the heck what if he hasn’t ever been married?! How is that any kind of a flag? That’s YOUR PREREQUISITE to dating – one that YOU obviously go by for YOURSELF, but how you define any man by whether or not he’s ever been married has no founding as to what kind of a man he is. You sound like an 80s Cosmopiltan magazine article. Stop typecasting people. Anyway, reality shows wouldn’t have any basis to watch if the people running the shows didn’t “spice it up” with controversy. These shows are not spontaneous behaviour – they’re scripted in some manner.

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