‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Episode 7 Spoilers & Recap- ‘Heartless’

Tonight’s episode starts out with Theo running through the morgue, plagued with nightmares (or is it guilt?) about what happened to his sister. He envisions her ripping his heart out of his chest, and wakes up to the same vision over and over again.

When he finally comes to, Malia is on top of him, beating him to a pulp. He says to Malia the same thing he said to his sister– “It’s OK. You don’t have to stop.” She says she doesn’t intend to. Liam and Scott pull her off of him, and Liam tries to convince the group that they need Theo. Scott is resistant at first but knows he’s a good resource. He’s all they have, right?

Meanwhile, Sheriff Stilinski is starting to remember Stiles. He finds Stiles’ old bedroom, which has been concealed under the wallpaper, as Lydia hinted. Sheriff Stilinski is clearly overwhelmed with confusion upon finding the room, and asks his wife: “What if this was his room? What if this means we had a son?”, but she swiftly denies the possibility.

As all this is happening, Malia goes to Peter (she’d rather that than trust Theo). She calls upon Mother McCall to stab daddy dearest with a needle, which miraculously heals him (maybe that’s good because the third degree burns all over his body looked painful.)

After creating quite the nifty trap, Scott and his crew manage to catch the Ghost Rider– Theo even sacrifices himself (or at least, one of his arms) to ensure that the Ghost Rider is caught, putting him in the good (or at least, better) graces of Scott.

Back in Stiles’ bedroom, Sheriff Stylinski tells Lydia he’s open to discussing the possibility that he has a son. But when Lydia explains that that she thinks he made up Claudia, the sheriff loses it, screaming at Lydia that Claudia is flesh and blood and it’s not possible she’s not real. Lydia then sees Stiles’ lacrosse jersey. At first, we don’t think Sheriff Stilinski can see it. But Lydia throws him the jersey and he catches it– he remembers his son!

The pack brings in Parrish to communicate with the Ghost Rider. What we find out in this scene is that the Hellhound is the key to getting everyone back– Stiles included. All of a sudden, Parish transforms into this blazing hot red fire creature and tries to set the Ghost Rider free. Together, Scott and Liam tackle him.

Out of nowhere, Mr. Douglas shows up (with a German accent, we might add) and it’s immediately clear that he and the Ghost Rider know each other. Mr. Douglas then takes a huge bite out of the Ghost Rider, and eats his pineal gland.

The crew comes upon the Ghost Rider, only to find he’s dead. Theo tries to explain to them that Mr. Douglas was there and is responsible for the mess in front of them, but they don’t believe him. We then cut to Mr. Douglas, who comes across Corey and uses his whip to make him disappear.

Next week, the search for Stiles continues.

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