‘Twin Peaks’ Episode 8: Best Memes & Reactions [SPOILERS]


Well, Episode 8 of Twin Peaks certainly was special. It may be the craziest, most insane episode to ever be seen on television. We thought that the original Twin Peaks broke barriers and made history. This one will be remembered for decades, also. We had everything: from demons resurrecting a doppelgänger, to nuclear bombs, to demon births, to angels and a battle of good vs. evil, and everything else in between. Oh, and 20 minutes of seeing the inside of a nuclear explosion. You never realized you wanted to see that did you? Well, maybe after watching three minutes of someone sweeping last week, some fans were at least a little prepared.

Of course, you can likely imagine the reactions to this episode. Here are some of the best memes, tweets, and reactions that fans have shared after watching Season 3 Episode 8.

Remember how fans were complaining forever about not wanting to see Dougie anymore? Well, you got your wish.

Most of us felt like this during the episode:

And this reaction is pretty accurate:

And here’s David Lynch while we’re trying to come up with explanations for the episode:

Maybe it was all just inspired by one of Lynch’s nightmares:

And if you have dogs or cats, they likely reacted like this thanks to the music that played during the episode. I know mine did:

And Redditors are getting on board with the “Got a light?” meme. Here’s one from ZuluPilot:

Oh, and if you watched Seasons 1 and 2 to better understand Season 3… Good luck.

Redditor SuperDaleCooper said this is how he felt about seeing all the woodsmen this episode:

And really, no one ever said they had to make sense, as Redditor buh2001j pointed out:

Maybe we just need some more coffee and more time to think:

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