Malika Haqq & Ronnie Magro-Ortiz: Why the Two Dated & Broke Up

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Malika Haqq and Ronnie Magro-Ortiz wasted no time getting together on the premiere episode of Famously Single and their relationship carried on long after the show. But, unfortunately, their romance did not last and the couple ended up calling it quits. So, what was their relationship like and why did they break up? Ortiz was the first one of them to open up about the split, telling E!:

I feel like with me and Malika … we had a connection. When you meet somebody you’re super attracted to them and you’re like, ‘I wanna sleep with you.’ And with Malika it was like, I wanna get to know you, and I feel like we had more of a friendship. You’ll see throughout the show how our bond and connection grows.

As for what Haqq had to say about their relationship and the break up, she had a much different take. Haqq told People:

Ronnie and I are really, truly opposites. His love language is very aggressive. It’s verbally aggressive, it’s physically aggressive. It’s just the way he expresses himself. My love language is communication. I’m a big communicator and I’m affectionate. We show our love language in two very different ways, so the way we were trying to communicate with each other was often misconstrued because we don’t speak the same language.

She then added:

Life is not perfect. Other human beings need room for air and you also need to give yourself room for that. That was something that I was working on. I went into this situation as open-hearted as I could be.

Ortiz and Haqq ended their relationship in February 2017, according to E! News.

Malika Haqq is known as Khloe Kardashian’s BFF on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, while Ortiz’s claim to fame was the Jersey Shore. Ortiz’s dating life with former Jersey Shore cast member Samantha Giancola has been very public, but the two broke up a couple years ago and Giancola has moved on as well. Giancola is currently dating a fellow New Jersey native named Christian Biscardi and Giancola told E! News that her new relationship is “refreshing.”

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