Nicolas Cage in Kazakhstan Memes, Photo, Jokes & Gifs

nicolas cage kazakhstan

Twitter Nicolas Cage in Kazakhstan.

Nicolas Cage went to Kazakhstan, and Twitter had a field day with the photo that emerged from the journey.

Cage posed in traditional Kazakh dress with a far-off gaze on his face, as if he were deep in thought thinking about…well, that was anyone’s guess.

According to The New York Daily News, the photo that went viral shows Cage standing next to Kazakhstan’s First Lady Sara Nazarbayeva.

Cage “dropped by to attend the 13th Eurasia International Film Festival in the capital city of Astana,” Daily News reported.

Here’s the photo that started it all:

It wasn’t long before Cage in Kazakhstan appeared in many other famous scenes:

It wasn’t the only photo to emerge of Cage in Kazakhstan, either:

Some people fixated on the gaze.

According to The Astana Times, Cage wasn’t the only Hollywood star in town. “John Malkovich, Adrien Brody, Bai Ling and a well-known producer Marko Mueller” were also part of the festival.

The newspaper reports that the festival “will feature a record high 296 films from all continents, including 101 in the main programme, 12 feature length and 30 short films in competition section evaluated by the jury composed of the main programme and short film juries as well as representatives of the International Federation of Film Critics and the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema.”

In fairness to Nic Cage, it sounds like he did some good while he was in the country. Cage planted trees and met with disabled children while in Kazakhstan, according to The Daily News.

That didn’t stop Twitter. Many people made fun of Cage’s diminishing career.

Others just put him in other scenes.

In fairness to Cage, other world leaders looked equally silly in the garb.

Come to think of it, Nicolas Cage in Kazakhstan kind of sounds like the name of a new Nicolas Cage movie. Some people thought the pic was an instant meme without even trying. Others became nostalgic for National Treasure. Sort of.