Was ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Episode 2 Live Streamed Tonight?

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Rumors were circulating today that Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 2 was going to be live streamed on AdultSwim.com during Comic-Con tonight. Unfortunately, those rumors weren’t exactly true. (Note: If you’re looking for whether Rick and Morty is going to be new on Sunday, July 23, see Heavy’s story here.) 

Everyone — the people watching Rick and Morty online and the people who stood in line for hours at Comic-Con — got to watch Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 1. But according to people who attended Comic-Con, Episode 2 aired right after Episode 1 ended.

If you were watching on AdultSwim.com, you saw a design sneak peek for Episode 2, and then just random clips about Comic-Con. Season 3 Episode 2 did not stream online on AdultSwim during Comic-Con and it was not broadcast on Adult Swim’s TV channel.

So far, no one is leaking the episode. But some people are tweeting about being able to see it at Comic-Con. The new episode is going to be a post-apocalyptic Mad Max type parody, and this tweet definitely looks like it’s from that episode:


The reason you’re not seeing leaks is because Comic-Con was very clear that no one should record the episode. According to one attendee, the following message was up before the show aired: “Please don’t record the live stream. If we see a phone you will be asked to leave. We love you.”

In the meantime, to hold you over, here’s the design sneak peek video:

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Thanks to commenters below and other people who were there, we can now confirm that yes, Episode 2 did air at Comic-Con last night.

Episode 2 will air for everyone on Sunday, July 30 at 11:30 p.m Eastern.

If you’d like to get an idea about what’s going to happen, see photos from Season 3 Episode 2 in the story below: