Get to Know Lex Lu (Alexis Boyd) of ‘The Four: Battle for Stardom’

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Photo Credit: Michael Becker ©2018 FOX Broadcasting.

Lex Lu, whose real name is Alexis Boyd, according to FOX, is one of the cast members on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ new show The Four: Battle for Stardom. When it comes to how the show works, Combs recently dished on the details on The Ellen Show. He explained, “We begin where all other competition shows end—with the final four. Everybody that’s in the final four, they get a seat, OK? Then they can get challenged by anybody that’s out there in America. You can come and challenge their seat … And then they battle like vocal gladiators. It’s something you’ve never seen before. It’s something that’s going to disrupt the whole game of these singing competition shows.” Most other talent competition shows have audience participation and this show incorporates that as well, but not until the final battle. The audience votes do not come into play until then.

In the end, only one contestant walks away a winner, with a prize meant to put an emphasis on exposure for the artist. In collaboration with iHeartMedia, the winner will be backed by each of the four judges in promoting their career. The judges’ panel consists of Sean Combs, Meghan Trainor, executive Charlie Walk and DJ Khaled, with singer Fergie as the host of the show. Recently, the four performers who are featured first on The Four: Battle for Stardom, appeared on Steve Harvey’s FOX New Year’s Eve special and took time for a brief interview. Then, FOX showed a sneak peek at the new series. Along with Lex Lu, Elanese Lansen, Blair Perkins and Ash Minor will have to defend their spots on the show.

So, who is Lex Lu? She says that she was a young mother and hopes to provide a great life for her son. On one of her Instagram posts, she wrote about her goals in being on the show. Lex Lu stated that, “All I can think about is the bars I’ll be spitting throughout this season. I plan to go my hardest to prove to the world I’m a fricken superstar!” And, when talking about her music aesthetic to iHeart, she said, “If you listen to my music, it’s a little bit of everything. Yes I rap, but I also sing. I have pop songs and hip hop songs and rock songs and emo songs and punk songs. I’m all over the place. But my favorite thing to do is rap. I can write some really dope lyrics.” Lex Lu has admitted to being nervous about the journey ahead of her on The Four and says that she’s determined to remain true to herself.

On Lex Lu’s Soundcloud profile, her bio gives some background on her life. It reads, “Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Lex Lu is the explicit definition of raw energy. Her music is a mix of Hip Hop, Soul, and pop as she aims to redefine the status quo of the “Female Rapper.” Her unique style and voice is sure to capture your attention. Completely independently created, her newest album “LexAngeles” is artistically a breath of fresh air worth taking 30 mins out of your day to listen to.” Prior to launching her singing career, Lex Lu also worked as a backup dancer.

Lex Lu, Lex Lu The Four, Lex Lu Instagram, Alexis Boyd, Alexis Boyd The Four, The Four Battle For Stardom Contestants

Photo Credit: Michael Becker ©2018 FOX Broadcasting.

For Spotify users, click here to check out Lex Lu’s album “LexAngeles”. And, when it comes to all of Lex Lu’s social media and other miscellaneous sites, read on below for the links.


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