‘Riverdale’ Season 2 Episode 12: Here’s Where You Can Buy Betty’s Heart Sweater

CW Betty's Heart Sweater

Riverdale is known for the fashion in its episodes, but one particular piece is really catching fans’ eyes. On this week’s episode, Season 2 Episode 12, Betty was wearing a heart sweater that was absolutely adorable. It was grey with bright pink hearts outlined in black and it had stripes on the edges. Fans are already asking where they can buy Betty’s sweater. Well, we have good news and bad news. The sweater is available for sale. But it’s not going to be cheap.

WornOnTV was the first to identify the source of Betty’s adorable heart sweater. You can get the exact same sweater from Nordstrom here. But it’s going to really cost you. Regularly $505 (yes, you read that correctly), the sweater is now 40 percent off and “only” costs $302.98. I’d be willing to bet that Betty’s family couldn’t normally afford this sweater. (Few families can!) Maybe it was a gift from Veronica.

The sweater is designed by Chinti & Parker and it’s called the “Heart Burst Cashmere Sweater.” So that accounts for the expense (cashmere isn’t cheap.) That probably also means that the sweater is really soft and so comfortable to wear, in addition to being really cute. Nordstrom describes the sweater this way: “Spread the love in this cozy Italian-cashmere sweater patterned with romantic bursting hearts.” We have one more piece of bad news for you, though. On Nordstrom, the sweater is only available in size Large (and it fits true to size.) It’s described as being “oatmeal” in color, but Betty’s looked distinctly grey on the show. But maybe that was just the lighting.

You can get a very similar sweater on Amazon by Chinti and Parker. It’s called the “women’s Allover Heart Burst Sweater.” This one has a grey background but instead of pink hearts it has red hearts. And it costs $505. No discounts here. The sweater is here and only available in extra small or medium.

This isn’t the first heart sweater Betty’s worn, but it may be the cutest. Fans are loving it on Twitter.


Are you going to buy Betty’s sweater, or is it a little too expensive for you? Chinti makes a lot of super cute sweaters, so if you can’t find this particular one, you might be able to find another one that you like just as much.

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