Danielle Mullins & Mohamed JBali: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Danielle & Mohamed JBali


Danielle Mullins and Mohamed JBali starred in season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé, and their relationship was documented by the reality series, viewers watched their marriage come together only to quickly fall apart. Years after their dramatic split, TLC is revisiting where the relationship went wrong with a 2-hour 90 Day Fiancé special about the former couple.

TLC’s official synopsis for the 120-minute special, entitled, “Danielle’s Story,” reads “A look back at Danielle’s journey with Mohamed. Relive their first meeting, how they made it to the altar, and how their marriage came to a screeching halt. How will Danielle pick up the pieces now that it’s all over?”

Ahead of TLC’s two-hour special on the ex-couple, here’s what you need to know about Danielle Mullins and Mohamed JBali:

1. Danielle & Mohamed Met in an Online Chatroom

Danielle is Conflicted About Mohamed | 90 Day Fiance90 Day Fiancé Sundays 9/8c on TLC Danielle and her family discuss her complicated relationship with Mohamed. Watch full episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: tlcgo.com/90-day-fiance Subscribe to TLC: bit.ly/SubscribeTLC Facebook: facebook.com/TLC Twitter: twitter.com/TLC2016-09-28T17:00:05.000Z

Danielle met Mohamed online and the two started dating long-distance. Shortly after, according to TLC, they applied for a K-1 Visa shortly after, so that he could move from Tunisia to Ohio to be with her in the United States.

According to a Tumblr page called “Danielle and Mohamed: The Truth,” the Jbali had a OkCupid profile which he last logged into on September 23, 2013, weeks before his October 17 wedding.

2. Mohamed Left Danielle 2 Months After Receiving His Greencard

Danielle Throws the Book at Mohamed | 90 Day Fiance#90DayFiance Sundays 9/8c on TLC In Miami to confront Mohamed, Danielle is armed with a sheaf of printed evidence of Mohamed's infidelities. Watch full episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: tlcgo.com/90-day-fiance Subscribe to TLC: bit.ly/SubscribeTLC Facebook: facebook.com/TLC Twitter: twitter.com/TLC2016-11-13T23:00:02.000Z

According to E! News, Mohamed moved away from Ohio and Danielle two months after he got his green card. They ultimately divorced in 2017.

After their divorce, Danielle tried to get him deported, upset that he seemed to have used her for access into the USA. She explained on the show “I felt used, so I filed for an annulment. That was my best chance to get him deported. But when he begged me to file for a divorce instead, I gave in so he could stay in America.”

3. Danielle Started Dating Someone New Shortly After Their Split

Last month, Danielle revealed on Instagram that she is currently seeing someone, and that part of why it’s going so well is because she’s kept him and their relationship out of the public live. In an interview with In Touch Weekly, she explained how she and her current significant other met: “He had reached out to me and Mohamed both during our first season of 90 Day Fiancé. We stayed in contact after me and Mohamed split. He was there for me and my kids after Mohamed left. … He approached me and did a hypothetical scenario, [saying], ‘What if there was someone who would love you, support you and be there for you?’ When he first did the hypothetical, I cried. … I never thought someone like him would be interested in me because he is educated in the profession of teaching. … We are still together.”

If Mohamed is seeing anyone presently, he has kept it private and off of his social media, which mostly features photos of his home cooking and his puppy, Bowie.

4. Danielle & Mohamed Only Consumated Their Marriage Once

Why Did Mohamed Stop Having Sex With Danielle? | 90 Day Fiance#90DayFiance Sundays 9/8c on TLC Mohamed has some pretty nasty things to say when he comes clean about why he and Danielle weren't intimate after getting married. Watch full episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: tlcgo.com/90-day-fiance Subscribe to TLC: bit.ly/SubscribeTLC Facebook: facebook.com/TLC Twitter: twitter.com/TLC2016-11-14T17:00:02.000Z

Danielle was a mother of four before she and Mohamed met and married, but it is unsurprising that the two did not have any children together during their brief relationship.

Mohamed opened up about the lack of intimacy in their relationship during a TLC special. He said that though they had sex before they were married, Danielle had to “beg” for them to consummate their marriage two months after their wedding. He went so far as to tell her, on national television “Of course I’m not going to have sex with someone like Danielle. You do not know that nobody will have sex with someone like you!” He also implied that she had an STD or some other “problem” that kept him from wanting to be intimate with her.

5. Mohamed Is Now Living in Chicago With His Dog, Bowie

After his split from Danielle, Mohamed originally moved to Miami, Florida, and he lived in Austin, Texas for a period of time after that; however, his Instagram indicates that he is now living in Chicago, Illinois. Shortly after he and Bowie moved into their new home, he shared photos of his spacious yard and glimpses of the house’s interior (including a second bedroom with an aquarium headboard behind the bed). In an IGTV video, Mohamed gave his 103,000 followers a tour of his home, showing them his skills at decorating what he says is a “cool place.”

In December 2017, JBali created a Youtube channel “mohamedjbaliusa.” It includes self-help videos entitled “Make $100k in 2018” and “Follow Your Passion and Success Will Follow.” The channel has over 4,000 subscribers, but he has not posted a new video in 8 months.