Patricia Altschul Husbands: Who Has She Been Married To?

Patricia Altschul


Patricia Altschul stars on the reality series Southern Charm. She’s considered the “resident madcap grande dame” of the cast, and given her status as a fan favorite, many fans are curious as to whether Altschul is married. Does she have a husband? How many times has she been wed before?

Altschul has been married three times throughout her life. She married her first husband, L. Hayes Smith, in Falls Church, Virginia in 1962. Smith was a financial adviser to several Washington D.C. area organizations, and he also served as the senior vice president for Morgan Stanley for several decades. The couple welcomed their first and only child, Whitney Sudler-Smith, in 1968, but OK Here Is the Situation reports that they divorced by 1980. Smith is 79 years old and currently retired.

Altschul Has Been Married 3 Times & Has 1 Son

Altschul talked about the modesty of her first marriage during an interview with Town & Country. “When I first got married, my mother said, ‘Do you want a big check or a big wedding?’ and I said that I wanted a big check,” she recalled. “Big weddings are a waste of money. I was a bridesmaid at least 10 times after I graduated from college and I saw so much stress and so many arguments. The families fought, the brides and grooms fought. I even saw a mother of a groom go down the aisle and yank all the flowers off the pews just before everybody came into the church for the ceremony because they had argued about that beforehand.”

“I decided that I never wanted a big wedding. I wore a cocktail dress with a hat and a veil to my first wedding,” she continued. “Both my father and my husband’s father had passed, so it was just the two of us with our mothers and the the minister.” Altschul’s second marriage was to Dr. Edward Stitt Fleming in 1989. The latter was a Washington psychiatrist who founded the Psychiatric Institute of Washington and the Psychiatric Institutes of America. He was also the president and chief executive of Psychiatric Institutes of America. Altschul and Fleming divorced amicably in 1995. They had no children.

Her 3rd Husband Arthur Goodhart Altschul Died In 2002

Her third marriage was to Arthur Goodhart Altschul in 1996. “My third wedding—a judge married us in my husband’s Fifth Avenue apartment and I wore a pink Chanel dress with a long jacket and Chanel shoes,” Altschul recalled. “Our children were there—he had five children and I had Whitney—and then we just had a bunch of friends over for an amazing cake made by Sylvia Weinstock. Those are my wedding extravaganzas story. It’s the antithesis of weddings as you know them.” Arthur was a general partner in the investment banking firm of Goldman, Sachs & Company and was one of the founders of General American Investors. The couple stayed together until his death in 2002.

As far as romance today is concerned, Altschul told Town & Country that she doesn’t prescribe to dating apps and online channels. “I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t understand online dating. The number of people you can check out on dating apps is like a smorgasbord of people, as opposed to a few select people that your friends or family might recommend,” she said. “Online dating is so impersonal and I think it’s dangerous, too… Everybody differs their background and their educational status. You want to end up with someone who is, as I like to say, ‘comparable or better.’ You want somebody comparable to you, if not more elevated in terms of your background and education.”

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