Snacklins on ‘Shark Tank’; 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Snacklins on Shark Tank

ABC Snacklins on Shark Tank on October 20, 2019.

If you’re looking for a healthy, vegan alternative to pork rinds, look no further than Snacklins.

Tonight, product co-founder Samy Kobrosly will pitch his product to the sharks, and only time will tell if one of them will bite.

Here’s what you need to know about Snacklins:

1. It Is a Low Calorie, Vegan Alternative to Pork Rinds

Snacklins was founded in 2015.

Each 1-oz bag has only 80 calories, zero grams of sugar, and 15 grams of carbohydrates.

As the company’s website boasts, the product began as a joke to create a vegan pork rind. “It started as an experiment… this little, small, fun challenge between friends to make a healthy, crunchy snack. And, well, we were successful.”

2. Kobrosly Jokes His Goal Is to Become Friends with Beyonce

In his interview with Veg News, Kobrosly jokes, “Since the Inception of Snacklins, our goal has been to become friends with Beyoncé… We are strongly encouraged by the fact that this will bring us that much closer to our goal of meeting Queen Bey. Jokes aside, we can’t believe we’re about to be on national television. It’s such a huge opportunity for us.”

In a separate statement obtained by DC Inno, Kobrosly shared, “Having the chance to be in the room with some of America’s most prominent investors and to share our product with a national audience is surreal… I still can’t believe it happened, I’ll be anxiously tuning in on the 20th so I can stop pinching myself.”

Prior to Snacklins, Kobrosly spent five years working as a morning radio personality called Samy K on ‘The Kane Show’. He is a self-described food science enthusiast.

3. It Was Rated among the Top Food Trends of 2019 by Whole Foods

Snacklins was rated among the top food trends of 2019 by Whole Foods.

Today, you can find it on Amazon and Whole Foods, some Walmart stores, Thrive Market, and a number of 7-Elven Stores in Los Angeles.

Snacklins come in Barbeque, Chesapeake Bay, and Miso Ginger. Online, on the store’s website, you can purchase a 6-pack of Snacklins for $14.99. Right now, get 10% off all orders and free shipping on orders over $50.

The product has garnered positive reviews on Amazon, with 4.5 stars. One person writes, “The Chesapeake Bay flavor is fantastic! I haven’t tried the other flavors yet, but these are such a delicious, satisfying snack. Yum!”

Another adds, “Usually the healthy options are never as good, but this is an exception!”

4. The Founders Were Playing ‘Can You Top This?’ When They Came up with the Idea

According to All Shark Tank Products, Logan McGear, an executive chef, was playing the game “Can you top this?” with Kobrosly when the two came up with idea for vegan pork rinds.

The outlet writes, “… ‘vegan pork rinds’ came up. That was the funniest one yet, but the joke soon turned into a challenge. Was it possible? Why not, they thought, with Samy’s vast knowledge of all things food and Logan’s talent for imaginative seasonings. After two years of devising countless recipes, they did it—vegan pork rinds were possible!”

Logan, who grew up in Arkansas, oversees production. He began his career at a French/Asian fusion restaurant and went on to create an Italian restaurant in Kansas. In DC, he became executive chef for Smoke and Barrel, a barbecue restaurant that serves vegan dishes.

Samy, meanwhile, left his radio job to work in a variety of DC restaurants.

5. There Are Only 80 Calories in a Bag

Snacklins are made from dehydrated mushrooms, onions, and yuca, mixed with spices and sea salt. They are then flash-fried in sunflower oil. Only 6-8 ingredients are used in each bag.

Will the sharks bite, and give McGear and Kobrosly a deal on tonight’s episode of Shark Tank?

Tune in to ABC at 9pm ET/PT to find out.

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