Asia Lee-Mitchell, Kel Mitchell’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Asia Lee and Kel Mitchell

Getty Actor Kel Mitchell (R) and Asia Lee at Nickelodeon's 2017 Kids' Choice Awards.

Kel Mitchell, actor and comedian best known for Good Burger, is in the finals of Dancing With the Stars season 28. With the support of his professional dance partner Witney Carson, Mitchell has improved his dances and scores week after week, and has a real chance at winning the mirror ball.

If he wins, fans can bet that he will celebrate with not only his dance partner but also his wife of 7 years, Asia Lee-Mitchell.

Here’s what you need to know about Kel Mitchell’s wife Asia Lee:

1. Asia Had Her First Child, a Daughter, With Kel in 2017

Asia proudly describes herself as “1st Time Mommy” on her Instagram page. She and Kel had their first child together, a baby girl named Wisdom, in July 2017. After Wisdom’s birth, Mitchell took to Instagram to share the news, writing “My love @therealasialee gave birth to our baby girl Wisdom on Saturday afternoon. She was 7lbs 11oz with a head full of hair and full of happiness! Im so grateful and happy! My baby girl is here!”

Mitchell addressed Asia further in the sweet note, adding “My Wife is the most amazing woman she was so strong throughout the birth. Im so proud of her! @therealasialee you are My super woman! You amaze me everyday! Thank you for this gift! Our daughter is a reflection of your beautiful greatness and loving spirit! Our daughter is a blessing! For this Child we have prayed 1 Samuel 1:27 Prayers do get answered and dreams do come true!”

In response, Asia reshared the post on her own Instagram page, adding “Thank you hubby! Im excited to be on this journey with you. Welcome to the world Baby Girl! BABY WISDOM has arrived 1 week early! We Love you sooooo much! My 1st Baby!”

2. Asia Has a Close Relationship With Kel’s Children From His First Marriage

Before marrying Asia in 2012, Kel was previously married to Tyisha Hampton from 1999 until they split in 2005. During their relationship, Kel and Tyisha had two children together, his son Lyric and daughter Allure.

Even though she is not their biological mother, it is clear that Asia still maintains a great relationship with Lyric and Allure and treats them like her own kids. After the whole family attended the Good Burger popup opening in July 2019, Asia posted a photo of her, Kel, Wisdom, Lyric, and Allure, with the caption “When #Family Link up! Having all of our Kiddos @goodburgerpopup was everything! The Mitchell Kids are #AllThat Love Themmmm.”

3. Asia & Kel’s Relationship Was Built on Their Strong Religious Beliefs

In Asia’s Instagram bio, she refers to herself as “God’s daughter,” echoing a religious faith that fans of her husband know Kel also shares. It is evident in the parts of their relationship that they share with the public that religion was an important part of their relationship and marriage’s foundation, and continues to be an important part of their lives.

In 2017, Asia and Kel went on the podcast “Yes, Girl!” to talk about their marriage. According to Essence, they addressed their decisions to abstain from sex until marriage and wait 6 months before sharing their first kiss. Kel told Asia “It made it beautiful cause I want to show you how much I love you and I want to really fight for it, in a good way, and the connection is different. Then after that, even with the sex as well, we did the same thing. We waited until we got married and that was a joint decision. When we were dating we both got introduced to a church that we liked, around that time and we joined the church and we also had a spiritual mother of mine that I prayed with all the time and she told us about waiting and I was just like, yo, we gotta do it. Let’s wait.”

4. Asia Has Shown Her Support for Kel Throughout His ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Competition

Throughout DWTS season 28, Asia and their daughter Wisdom have been spotted in the audience showing their support for Kel. On social media, too, Asia has posted week after week encouraging fans and followers to vote for her husband and his dance partner Witney.

When it was announced that Kel was a part of the Dancing With the Stars season 28 cast, Asia spread the news on social media, writing on Instagram “New Levelssss!! @iamkelmitchell bout to Kill @dancingabc. it’s gonna turn Hood cuz of you!! Lol and I can’t wait to see you dance to @yg music doing ballroom dancing! Lolol let’s show them how Chicago and LA do it!!”

5. Asia Shares Her Great Sense of Humor on Social Media

Since Kel made his career in comedy, it’s no surprise that his wife Asia also has a great sense of humor that she enjoys sharing with others. When she’s not sharing photos of her family or posting in support of Kel, Asia often shares funny memes and videos on Instagram with her over 16,000 followers.

In addition to being very funny, Asia is also a talented singer. Kel revealed on the “Yes, Girl!” podcast that they actually both realized they should be more than friends after one of Asia’s singing gigs. He said “There was one incident when we were hanging out and I went to one of her shows because I used to go to her shows because I was a fan, I liked her music and everything. I remember going to one of her shows and we were in Long Beach and we were on a merry go round—a ferris wheel—we were on a ferris wheel and the ferris wheel shook a little bit, and she was scared and she jumped in my arms, right. And at that moment I knew. It was just like, I knew in that moment but I didn’t say anything and as we were dating later, I spoke about that and she said she knew at that time too.”

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