Does UPS Deliver Packages on Christmas Eve & Day 2019?

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Getty Is UPS open or closed on Christmas 2019.

On Christmas Eve, UPS will have a normal delivery schedule with limited pickup service. On Christmas Day, there will be no UPS delivery or pickup service. Only UPS Express Critical mail will be delivered on Christmas Day. Services will return to their normal schedule on December 26.

Read on for details.

UPS on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, UPS delivery service is available in all areas.

Check out the official 2019 US UPS Holiday Operations Schedule and you’ll learn that Tuesday, December 24, UPS Domestic, Ground, Air, and International mail will be open. UPS Store locations will be open, but UPS Freight will be closed. UPS Forwarding (Air and Ocean Freight) will be open, and UPS Express Critical is available.

It’s worth noting that pickup service is only available for Air and International Air packages if it was prearranged by last Thursday, December 19th.

UPS on Christmas Day

On Wednesday, UPS Domestic, Ground, Air, and International mail will be closed, as will UPS store locations, UPS freight, and UPS Forwarding. Fortunately, UPS Express Critical is open. UPS Critical offers a range of urgent transportation options for both lightweight and heavyweight shipments.

During the holiday season, peak surcharges will apply to packages based on their individual characteristics. For example, packages that require Additional Handling will have a peak surcharge of $3.60 per package between November 24, 2019, and January 4, 2020. Packages that are over the Maximum Limits will have a peak surcharge of $250 per package between October 1, 2019, and January 4, 2020. Lastly, Large Packages will have a pack surcharge of $31.45 between October 1, 2019, and January 4, 2002. To learn more about the surcharges, click here.

UPS is the largest delivery company in the world and exists in over 220 countries and territories. The company’s website reads, “UPS has been working hard throughout the year preparing to provide the same reliable service this holiday season that you trust us to deliver year-round.”

As the Wall Street Journal notes, the small time gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year puts delivery companies at a disadvantage. The outlet writes that UPS has poured billions into “expanding and modernizing its network” which includes “six massive new sortation hubs over the last two years.” With these advancements, the company has the ability to sort 800,000 more pieces per hour.

This year, Trump declared Christmas Eve a federal holiday, giving federal workers the day off. As UPS is a private company, it will not be affected by this change on Christmas Eve. In fact, USPS will also be operating on a normal schedule on Christmas Eve.

When it comes to FedEx, the privately-owned company will be operating with a modified service on December 25. FedEx services except for FedEx Custom Critical will be closed on Christmas Day.

UPS also recognizes New Year’s Day, so there will be no deliveries or pickups on January 1. As usual, UPS Express Critical will be available.

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