‘Jeopardy!’ Who Won the Greatest of All Time Tournament?

Jeopardy Greatest of All Time

ET Canada - YouTube Brad Rutter, Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer prepare for the Greatest of All Time Tournament

The Jeopardy: Tournament of Champions Greatest of All Time (GOAT) tournament began January 7, 2020. It promised to determine who actually is the greatest Jeopardy! contestant of all time: Ken Jennings, holder of the longest win-streak in show history and highest regular-season earnings; Brad Rutter, all-time highest-earning champion; or, James Holzhauer, who holds the top ten highest-earning single games of the game show.

The title was officially given out on January 14, 2020, with Ken Jennings coming out victorious. He won 3 matches, with James coming in second at one match won, and Brad coming in third, winning no matches. Ken walks away with $1 million and unlimited bragging rights. The two runners-up walk away with $250,000 each.

Who Were the Contestants?

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Ken Jennings became a household name during his record-breaking 74-game streak on Jeopardy! The streak is the longest in the history of the game. As of today, his winnings total $3,370,700.

James Holzhauer, also known as Jeopardy James, holds the top 15 single-day winning records on Jeopardy! During his run on the show, he became known for his risky betting on daily doubles and the fact he made almost every game a runaway. His winnings to date are $2,712,216.

Brad Rutter holds the record for being the highest money winner of all time across any television game show. He has never lost Jeopardy to a human opponent. His winnings to date are $4,688,436.

What Were the Scores?

Ken Jennings pulled ahead after the initial episode of the tournament, being the only one on the board after that first episode. He narrowly beat James Holzhauer, winning the match by only a 200-point lead.

The second match went to Jeopardy James himself with Ken coming in at second place. Brad finished in a very distant third place having ended up with negative points going into the second Final Jeopardy question of the night.

The third day of the tournament was a little closer initially; Brad seemed to be catching up a few times, and he actually finished the second game of the night in second place after Ken. Ken came out on top of this one after being the only contestant to get the second final jeopardy question correct.

The fourth day of the tournament was a little closer; Ken pulled way ahead by the end of the first game, but James caught up in the second, finishing the second game with almost double Ken’s score in that game. Brad was not a factor in the final jeopardy round, having only 1,400 points at the time. Ken pulled away at the end, being the only one to answer the question correctly.

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