MTV Catfish Season 8 Episode 3 Live Spoilers

MTV catfish

Getty Executive Producer/host Nev Schulman (L) and Catfish host Max Joseph.

Tonight, on Catfish Kiana brought host Nev to Los Angeles to find out if her wife was being catfished by a woman named Maritha who claimed to be her sister. Kiana’s wife, Sparkayla, was spending too much time texting Maritha. Catfish host, Nev, went to Los Vegas to help Sparkayla and her wife, Kiana, learn the truth in a secret sister catfish.

Sparkayla shared with Nev that, when she was a child, her father brought sisters she didn’t know to her birthday party. She had spent her life wondering if she had other sisters. There was a DNA test to determine the truth about Maritha and Sparkayla.

Nev and co-host Kameran headed to Las Vegas to find Maritha. Kameran thought that it would be easy to take advantage of Sparkayla because she really wanted to know if she actually had sisters. While they were on the road, Nev and Kameran got up to speed on the details of the case. It’s unclear what Maritha was getting out of the relationship because she kept ghosting Sparkayla and standing her up when she went to Vegas to visit her.

Nev and Kameran ran Maritha’s photos and checked out her Instagram to discover that her page seemed suspicious. She had not posted in a while and had only a few followers. Was this a fake page set up to make Maritha seem real?

Also, Kiana and Sparkayla are celebrities in some way and Kiana thought that Maritha was possibly trying to get into their celebrity circle.

They ran a search and found a Maritha in Nevada, and also found two other sisters. They called Sparkayla’s real sister and told her that for the past two years Maritha had been talking to Sparkayla, telling her she was her sister. We found that she also did the same thing on Instagram to Sparkayla’s real sister Mika.

Then Nev called Sparkayla’s other sister, Dijonaie. She told Nev that Maritha got in touch with her and that she was shocked because her father never told her about another sister. Her father said that he did not know who she was.

Dijonaie said that Maritha admitted to having a fake page because she was famous and needed anonymity. Nev and Kameran thought that Maritha was a clout chaser. It remained unclear exactly how everyone in this episode became famous, but Nev and Kameran were going to get to the bottom of it.

Nev and Kameran discussed Maritha’s fake-looking Instagram but said that certain parts of Maritha’s story did check out. Nev discovered that there was sister drama between Sparkayla and Mika and Dijonaie. Kameran told Sparkayla that Dijonaie said that she spoke to her father and he said that Maritha was not his daughter. Sparkayla was disappointed because she hoped that she had a sister.

Nev broke it down, saying that it felt like someone was “messing with someone.” They decided to call Maritha. She picked up the phone and asked, “Is this for real?” Nev brought Maritha up to speed on the progress of their case. Then he asked her when they could meet.

Maritha said that she didn’t mean to hurt Sparkayla but she got scared. Sparkayla said, basically, why? Maritha told her that there was more to the story than she knew.

Nev said that she basically had to meet Sparkayla and asked her when she could be there. Maritha agreed that she’d drive to Los Angeles the following day. The couple hoped that Maritha would actually show up. They planned to make her take a DNA test.

The next day, Nev texted Maritha to check the status of her trip to LA. They agreed to meet at a park. Sparkayla is obviously nervous. They arrived at the park, which, incidentally, was full of geese.

Maritha texted her arrival to Nev. Sparkayla was anxious. And then Maritha arrived, wearing light blue, high waisted jeans. She was dressed exactly the same as Sparkayla. Nev was totally confused. Maritha promised to explain. She was the girl from the photo. Everyone was speechless. Her fake-looking Instagram was actually real.

Maritha acknowledged her shadiness. She said it was because no one wanted her to be their sister (Dijonaie). Sparkayla asked why she never wanted to video chat. Maritha said it was because she was always working. Nev asked Maritha what her dad’s name was. She said it was Tommy.

Maritha said her mother told her that she had a sister named Sparkle, and couldn’t find her on MySpace. Then her uncle gave her Sparkayla’s information. They tried to get Maritha to go to the neighborhood DNA test lab. She refused because she did not want Sparkayla to find out that her father was not actually her father. But then she agreed.

Sparkayla did not believe Maritha’s story that she was not really related to her father. They all got their cheeks swabbed. The results were returned within 24 hours.

Nev picked up the DNA test results and headed over to Sparkayla’s place. Sparkayla was, again, nervous and anxious. All the women were in Sparkayla’s house awaiting the results.

Kiana and Sparkayla held hands. Nev delivered the results.

“The probability of half-siblingship is 98%.” The group rejoiced. Maritha looked relieved. Amazing. Not a catfish.

Nev made a follow up call to the sisters to check on them. They were happily hanging out together. A family brought together after 30 years.

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