Shots Fired at Lil Baby’s Concert In Birmingham, Alabama [VIDEO]

Getty Rapper Lil Baby

While rapper Lil Baby was performing on stage in Birmingham, Alabama, on Saturday night, video from the concert was shared on Twitter after gunshots rang out from backstage. Afterward, the crowd scrambled away in terror and the show was promptly shut down, according to

One person was reportedly shot during the altercation and has been taken to UAB Hospital to treat the injury.

Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Armani Jones, was recently dubbed by The New York Times as “Rap’s Most Reluctant Star” is 25 years old. It’s unknown what started the fight on stage which led to gunshots being fired. Voices on the videos shared online can be heard shouting “Go! Go! Just Go!” at the Crossplex at the Bill Harris Arena.

Birmingham Police arrived on the scene a little after 10 p.m. Video from inside the venue was shared by concert-goers from multiple angles. One person tweeted, “Can’t even f***ing believe the @lilbaby4PF concert just got shot up. EVERYONE WHO WAS AT THE CONCERT HIT MY LINE NOW!!!! Cops got the entire place closed off and there’s no service.”

Lil Baby Was Not Injured In The Shooting

While the identity of the victim taken to the hospital has not been named, it appears that Lil Baby is okay. He updated his Instagram Live stories with a video of himself rapping in the backseat of a car while smoking a cigar.

He also posted a photo of himself at a convenience store after the shooting took place, wearing the same outfit he was sporting at the concert.

Lil Baby Was Incinerated Before His Rapping Career Took Off & Said He’d ‘Die’ Before Going Back To Jail

Lil Baby – Woah (Official Music Video)Stream/Download "Woah": Follow Lil Baby Everywhere: #Woah #LilBaby [Intro] New car very noisy Come through and it's roarin' Yeah, yeah You know how I'm coming You know how I'm coming [Verse 1] Bend her over, then I murk her Call Gunna if you want you a Birkin "Oh, Baby, you…2019-12-06T17:00:13.000Z

Originally from Atlanta, Georiga, the Grammy-nominated rapper has performed alongside Drake, Migos, Future, and Travis Scott. While speaking to the New York Times, Lil Baby, whose newest album, My Turn, was released on March 5, discussed how he’s not into doing constant press, and how spending time in prison continues to affect his life now.

He said, “I don’t got a thrill for it. Fashion show in Paris, like … cool [shrugs]. I think I got that from prison. Like, just, you’re there, but you’re not there. It’s a mental thing: ‘I’m in here, and I just got to get through it.’ When I got out, it was the same thing. I’m just there, but I’m not there. Even for good stuff. It keeps me going.”

“I know people who get killed — my personal people — people in and out of jail, my family, my brothers,” Lil Baby continued. “That’s what really goes on in life. Rap is just a reflection of real life. I know like 10 or 12 people who died in Atlanta off the fake drugs going around. It’s an everyday thing for me. And I know I ain’t going out like that.”

But Lil Baby made one thing clear, that he’d die before going back to jail. Last year, he welcomed a boy named Loyal with girlfriend Jayda Cheaves. He also has a son named Jason from a previous relationship.

“It’s different being a celebrity getting in trouble [than] a regular person getting in trouble. If I went to prison right now, I’d be lit. Prison now wouldn’t even faze me, honestly. But in my mind, I ain’t even dumb enough to think like that. I trained myself to think about how it was then. Hell nah, I’ll never go back.”

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