Do Madison Prewett & Peter Weber Get Back Together on After the Final Rose?

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber


This season of The Bachelor has been an unusually wild ride, even by this show’s standards. Going into the final episode, viewers still don’t know who is going to win Peter’s heart, if he will even propose, or if he’s going to change his mind after the fact, which is something that two former bachelors have done. In fact, changing their minds was apparently the right call because they are both now married and have children with the woman they switched to during the After the Final Rose reunion special.

UPDATE: During the After the Final Rose reunion, it turns out that Madi and Peter are just starting to reconcile. They are going to give things a try. But it won’t be easy because apparently, Peter’s mom hates Madison and thinks they are doomed.

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Anyway, up ahead are spoilers about whether Peter Weber will get back together with Madison Prewett, who viewers last saw quitting the show before the final rose ceremony in Australia.

SPOILER WARNING: Do not keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled on Tuesday’s (March 10) finale and After the Final Rose special. This is your last warning.

It Sounds Like Peter and Madison Do Get Back Together

The Bachelor: Madison Breaks Up with Bachelor Peter WeberBachelor Peter Weber says he loves Madison. She says she loves him. But despite that fact, she doesn't think that they’re the right fit for each other in the long run, and she breaks up with him in this emotional moment from 'Season Finale, Part 1,' season 24, episode 11 of The Bachelor. Watch The…2020-03-10T02:48:07.000Z

According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, Peter is going to propose to Hannah Ann in Australia and she is going to say yes. But sometime after filming, he breaks up with her, reportedly because he’s still in love with Madison and wants to pursue her. The big question will be whether they get back together.

When Madison left Australia, she seemed pretty set on the idea that she and Peter just weren’t compatible. But in the previews for the finale’s dramatic conclusion, host Chris Harrison is shown asking her if she regrets her decision to quit and she says yes. So that seems to indicate she would at least be open to the idea of seeing if she and Peter can work things out.

Reality Steve says they are “dating and not engaged,” which absolutely tracks. Because The Bachelor producers undoubtedly want to save their engagement for the After the Final rose live reunion.

How Does Peter Not Know How This Ends?

VideoVideo related to do madison prewett & peter weber get back together on after the final rose?2020-03-10T19:45:54-04:00

ABC has been hyping for a while now that even Peter doesn’t know how the season will end. How is that even possible, you ask? Well, if the show is saving his proposal to Madison for After the Final Rose, then technically he doesn’t know how it is going to end because he doesn’t know whether Madi will say yes or not.

It seems likely that Madison will say yes because that makes the better ending for the season, but there’s always a chance she says no, which would certainly be dramatic. Viewers can also expect some fireworks from Hannah Ann, who will be there to confront Peter about breaking her heart.

As Harrison teases in a preview video, “This is one of the most unexpected and complicated endings we have ever seen.”

And on a side note, hopefully, Hannah Ann is down for some Bachelor in Paradise action because she seems like a great casting choice for that show.

Tune in Tuesday, March 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC to watch what Harrison told Heavy is a “gut-wrenching” finale.

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