Do Uber Eats & DoorDash Deliver on Easter 2020? [SPECIALS]

It’s Easter 2020 and while you’ll likely want something nice to eat while you’re sheltering at home today, you may not want to drive to a restaurant to get it. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people are turning to food delivery these days. So will Uber Eats and DoorDash be delivering today? Yes they are.

All the Main Food Delivery Services Are Up & Running on Easter

Yes, Uber Eats is offering food delivery on Easter today. In fact, Uber Eats delivers on all major holidays if delivery drivers are available. You can order from Uber Eats at this link or through the app. And you can get discounts from Uber Eats on RetailMeNot. In many locations, Uber is offering a $0 delivery fee if you order from specific local restaurants.

Uber Eats posted on its website: “On Monday, March 16 we announced that we’re waiving delivery fees for customers on orders to the more than 100,000 independent restaurants across the U.S and Canada to help demand and keep orders coming in. Independent restaurants constitute 55% of all restaurants on the Eats platform in CA. We’re also making 300,000 meals available to healthcare workers and first responders – hundreds of thousands of which have been given out to date. Interested officials and organizations can reach us at… On Friday, April 3, we announced a new feature in UberEats that allows customers to contribute directly to restaurants they order from in the app.”

Doordash is also offering food delivery on Easter. You can order from DoorDash at this link or from their app. Some local restaurants are offering free delivery. You can also get discounts from DoorDash on RetailMeNot.

Doordash announced on its website: “We are shipping more than 1 million sets of free hand sanitizer and gloves to Dashers and are providing guidance to help them stay healthy. To minimize contact between Dashers and customers, we’ve moved all orders to a no-contact delivery at drop-off by default. We have also informed Dashers that they may also request a no-contact delivery at any time.” 

Grubhub is also offering food delivery on Easter. Grubhub, just like Uber Eats, delivers on all major holidays if delivery drivers are available. You can order from Grubhub at this link. And some users can get discounts on some orders. Check out RetailMeNot here for details.

In fact, all your other favorite delivery services like Postmates, Favor, and more are also up and running today for Easter.

Remember: all delivery services are also offering contactless delivery where they just drop the food off in front of your door and many services are defaulting to that option first.

Keep in mind that there will be fewer restaurants open on Easter and a lot more customers, so your options might be more limited no matter what delivery service you use. In addition, you may have a longer wait, depending on how many people are ordering and how many drivers are working today. Some restaurants may also have limited hours on Easter, so you’ll want to check that and make sure you get your order in before the restaurant closes.

When you go to order delivery through one of these service’s websites or apps, a restaurant that’s not open today will either not be listed at all as an option or it’ll be listed as not accepting delivery orders today.

Delivery is still a great way to treat yourself on this holiday, so go ahead and make your order. Just make sure the restaurant you want to order from is open, and that you account for a possible longer wait time before your food arrives.

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