Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried Unhappy With ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Portrayal

Desiree Hartsock Siegfried (L) and Chris Siegfried attend the premiere of WE tv's "Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars" at HYDE Sunset: Kitchen + Cocktails on August 28, 2018

Getty Desiree Hartsock Siegfried (L) and Chris Siegfried attend the premiere of WE tv's "Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars" at HYDE Sunset: Kitchen + Cocktails on August 28, 2018

It’s time to revisit some of The Bachelor’s most dramatic, most romantic seasons with new show The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons Ever, hosted by Chris Harrison. It premieres Monday, June 8, with an episode that will revisit Sean Lowe’s season.

If you’ll recall, that was the season that gave us Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock, who ended her season by getting engaged to Chris Siegfried. Ahead of Lowe’s episode of The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons Ever, here’s what we know about Hartsock and Siegfried and whether they’re still together.

Yes, Desiree and Chris Are Still Married

In what is one of the Bachelor franchise’s best relationships, Hartsock and Siegfried made a solid connection right from the start of her Bachelorette season in 2013 and the rest is history. He was the last man standing and he proposed to Hartsock in Antigua. They became engaged and were later married in early 2015, according to US Weekly.

Hartsock told the magazine at the time that she and Siegfried started planning their wedding before the viewers even knew they were engaged.

“Once Chris and I got engaged we started talking about the wedding right away — probably before the finale even aired,” said Hartsock. “We talked about what we would want and pieced together both of our ideas.”

The wedding took place in Palos Verdes, California, and featured Daniella McBride, a bachelorette from Lowe’s season, as one of the bridesmaids, according to ABC.

Desiree and Chris Have Two Children

In October 2015, Hartsock and Siegfried welcomed baby boy Asher Wrigley, and then in January 2019, they welcomed baby boy No. 2, Zander Cruz.

Ahead of her second baby, Hartsock told US Weekly that she and Siegfried were way more relaxed this time around.

“Everything is just way more casual now, everything. So, like, you know, we’re not worried about this silly stuff or the little stuff or, like, we barely just got all of the baby room ready and it’s funny. We don’t have to stress about the little stuff,” said the reality star.

She added, “I think we’re both very excited to be able to see Asher and the new baby, like, be brothers and have that bond. I’m excited.”

They Appeared on Marriage Boot Camp

Meet Desiree & Chris | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tvThis former Bachelorette met her current husband while dating 24 other men on tv. Now they've come to Marriage Boot Camp to see if their fairytale romance has ended for good, or if they can learn to reconnect as a couple. #MarriageBootCamp Subscribe to the WE tv channel for more clips: Like on Facebook:…2018-08-24T22:29:38Z

Hartsock also told US Weekly in 2018 that she and Siegfried were not happy about either the way they were portrayed on Marriage Boot Camp or the way their relationship was edited on The Bachelorette.

In a promo for their season of Marriage Boot Camp, there was a clip of Hartsock saying she “settled for” Siegfried, which she said was taken entirely out of context.

“It’s so frustrating because I didn’t say that,” Hartsock told US Weekly. “What I did say is exactly what is so frustrating is that because from The Bachelorette, our relationship was hidden a little bit because of all the other drama and so, people’s perspective was a lot of times that I settled and so, in that context I said, ‘People assumed that I settled for Chris.’ And then they just cut that out and used it.”

“I obviously did not settle at all. Let’s get real. I upgraded,” Hartsock added. “The hardest was probably the end when that was all brought up again because I think by that point, I was ready to go home and I was missing Asher and then we felt we were bonding and then they pulled the end that you’ll have to watch because it brings back all of the stuff from The Bachelorette. That was five years ago and you’re like, ‘Really?’”

The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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