‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 16: Where Did Sean Dwyer Go?

Deadliest Catch

Instagram Captain Sean Dwyer

Fans of Deadliest Catch may have noticed that Captain Sean Dwyer does not appear in this season of the reality show.

The fan-favorite fisherman first made his way on the show in Season 12, and was the youngest captain in the fleet, according to Distractify.

In April, Dwyer’s mother, Jenny, addressed the family’s exit from the show.

She wrote, “There is no drama related to our exit, which is kind of the way life on the Brenna A was and is. It was simply that our contract was up with Discovery and we went a different way. Mainly I am grateful to Discovery, OrginalProductions, and Deadliest Catch for the opportunity to tell our story.”

Fans Have Expressed Their Disappointment on Social Media

In the comments section of the Facebook post, a number of fans have voiced their opinion on the Dwyer’s leaving the series– most have said they’re sad the Brenna A did not make it on this season of the show.

One fan wrote, “Disappointed that they choose not to renew your contract. I would have much preferred not renewing Harleys. I almost stopped watching Deadlist Catch last year because Harley was on. May God bless and hope to see you back soon.”

Another added, “I was saddened to learn that the Brenna A, Sean and the crew wouldn’t be on my favorite show any longer. Sean is such an intelligent and fair Captain. Of the younger Captains, he was my favorite right away. I will miss you all, but thanks for letting us ride along and for sharing Captain Dwyer’s ALS story with us. Good Luck on all of your future endeavors. Keep catching the crab!”

What Is the Brenna A up to Today?

On June 11, Captain Dwyer took to his Facebook page to update fans on the latest with the Brenna A. He wrote that the Brenna A was headed to Bristol Bay for the 2020 tendering season.

The post continued, “In the year of Covid, they left Seattle with their ‘under 14 day mandatory quarantine’ flag flying. There are many different procedures and mandates to follow as we work to keep crew and communities safe… Once they are done with their quarantines, the plan is for crews to stay on the boat as much as possible and minimize contact within the communities as much as possible. Two things we know for sure…the boats and crews are solid, and Alaska Wild Salmon is the best in the world!”

Captain Dwyer, according to his Discovery bio, has been a commercial fisherman since childhood and shadowed his father, Pat Dwyer, for many years. Pat was diagnosed with ALS in 2005 and passed away in June 2013.

The Brenna A website reads, “His 8-year battle came to an end peacefully with his family and friends by his side.”

On Father’s Day, Captain Dwyer posted an Instagram picture in honor of his late father. He wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to ya, pops. Hope they serve Henry Weinhard’s on that big sandy beach in the sky!”

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