‘Juno’ Star Ellen Page Comes Out as Transgender: ‘My Name is Elliot’

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Getty Ellen Page comes out as trans and reveals his name is Elliot Page on December 1, 2020.

Ellen Page, best known for their work in the film Juno, and the Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy, revealed on December 1 that he is transgender, and his name is now Elliot Page.

The 33-year-old Oscar nominee wrote a letter on his Twitter page, @TheElliotPage, to reveal his life decision. Married to partner Emma Portner since 2018, Page wrote, “Hi friends, I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronouns are he/they and my name is Elliot. I feel lucky to be writing this. To be here. To have arrived at this place in my life.”

Page thanked all the people in his life who’s supported him throughout this journey and while The Tales of the City star states, “I love that I am trans. And I love that I am queer,” he also notes that coming out as transgender is quite terrifying.

“The statistics are staggering,” Page writes. “The discrimination towards trans people is rife, insidious and cruel, resulting in horrific consequences. In 2020 alone it has been reported that at least 40 transgender people have been murdered, the majority of which were Black and Latinx women.”

As defined by The Human Rights campaign:

The word “transgender” – or trans – is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity is different from the sex assigned to us at birth. Although the word “transgender” and our modern definition of it only came into use in the late 20th century, people who would fit under this definition have existed in every culture throughout recorded history.

Page Deleted His ‘Ellen Page’ Instagram and Twitter Profiles & Sent a Fierce Message to Political Leaders Who Don’t Defend Trans’ Rights

Page changed his Instagram account to @elliotpage, on which he has 3.2 million followers, as was his Twitter account. As the X-Men star shared his joy and excitement to “strive for a more loving and equal society,” Page knows it’s going to take a lot of work.

“To all the political leaders who work to criminalize trans health care and deny our right to exist and to all of those with a massive platform who continue to spew hostility towards the trans community: you have blood on your hands,” Page writes. “You unleash a fury of vile and demeaning rage that lands on the shoulders of the trans community, a community in which 40% of trans adults report attempting suicide.”

Fellow Celebrities, Friends & Fans Filled Twitter With Their Love & Support for Page

While Page shared sobering facts about the transgender community, it’s a positive sign that his announcement was instantly met with thousands of congratulatory messages on Twitter. Actor Vincent D’Onofrio tweeted, “Congratulations Elliot. You are an amazing human being,” while journalist Charlotte Clymer said, “Elliot Page is a being a leader and beacon of hope to countless trans and non-binary people in this moment, and we are grateful for him.”

Director James Gunn tweeted, “Elliot, I love you, so much, I’m proud of you, and admire you. Please keep being a beacon of courage, compassion, and strength for all of us.”

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy account tweeted, “So proud of our superhero! WE LOVE YOU ELLIOT!!!”

Emma Portnoy Shared a Supportive Message on Instagram After Page Revealed He’s Transgender

Gettyllen Page and Emma Portner attend “Tales Of The City” New York Premiere at The Metrograph on June 03, 2019 in New York City.

Minutes after Page shared his news, Portnoy posted a copy of her partner’s letter on her Instagram page. She wrote, “I am so proud of @elliotpage. Trans, queer and non-binary people are a gift to this world. I also ask for patience & privacy but that you join me in the fervent support of trans life every single day. Elliot’s existence is a gift in and of itself. Shine on sweet E. Love you so much.”

It’s fitting that Portnoy, a dancer and choreographer, would share her message of support on Instagram, as it’s the medium for which the couple first met. Page first became “transfixed” on the woman who would become his wife after seeing her dancing posts on Instagram, as detailed in a 2018 profile in The New York Times:

It’s a love story as modern as they come: The actress Ellen Page saw the choreographer Emma Portner on Instagram and was instantly transfixed. Portner — a 23-year-old Canadian whose dance videos have a devoted online following — was twisting to the electro-pop music of Sylvan Esso, her large green eyes as captivating as her swaying body clad in its signature oversize black T-shirt, sweatpants and Nike Air Max sneakers.

“I thought, damn, this girl is so talented and so cool,” Page says. “I knew right away we were both creative spirits.”

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