Fans Slam ‘Big Brother’s’ Janelle for Petty Comment

Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel from Big Brother 22

CBS Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel from Big Brother 22

Let it never be said that four-time Big Brother contestant Janelle Pierzina is afraid to speak her mind. In a recent Instagram Q&A, the all-star was asked about Nicole Franzel’s pregnancy and while she has no ill wishes toward Franzel or her baby, Pierzina is over it with the social media posts.

Pierzina also took a break from Twitter recently and then decided to return the day of Franzel’s wedding to throw some shade. Here’s what went down.

Pierzina Said She Wasn’t Posting All the Time When She Was Pregnant

A fan asked Pierzina what her thoughts are on Franzel’s pregnancy, which Franzel and her fiance Victor Arroyo announced back in early January. Pierzina first said, “This is the nicest Nicole question that I’ve gotten so far ’cause there’s some really bad ones in there.”

Pierzina went on to say, “I hope she has a safe and easy pregnancy.”

She then added cheekily, “Who cares if she’s pregnant, though? Women get pregnant all the time. I had three frickin’ kids, I wasn’t posting every day.”

Hmmm. A quick scroll through her Instagram shows that Pierzina posted quite a bit when she was pregnant with her second and third children — she wasn’t on Instagram when she was pregnant with her first child.

However, almost all of Franzel’s Instagrams over the past two months have been baby-related so… let’s just say there has been no love lost between these two since playing all-stars together this past year. Franzel did announce her pregnancy on Pierzina’s birthday, which delighted Big Brother fans to no end. And after the Big Brother 22 finale, Pierzina said that Franzel “got what she deserved” by being evicted at final three and that Franzel “is not even a second-tier player.”

At least Pierzina isn’t piling on with the fans who were questioning Franzel’s baby’s paternity. In a display of ignorance, a lot of fans thought that her reveal that she was 11 weeks along in early January meant she got pregnant in the Big Brother house from Cody Calafiore, which was a terrible thing to say and not how pregnancy works.

Pierzina Shaded Franzel’s Wedding to Victor Arroyo

Pierzina returned to Twitter on March 16, the day Franzel and Arroyo tied the knot in Florida, with a sub-tweet that simply read, “I heard Cotton Eyed Joe was played and green jello salad was recently served.”

Pierzina’s “Big Brother” BFF Beau Beasley responded with laughing emojis and wrote, “Nicole’s wedding, right??”, but a lot of fans thought it was a petty comment.

“You were the queen of BB for me, until now. Let it go. You don’t have to like her. I’m not a fan either but why be catty?” wrote one fan.

Another added, “Just rude . . . time to move on” and a third wrote, “Imagine being this obsessed with that girl. Damn.”

A fourth wrote, “Come on – I thought you were better than this. I have always loved you but this is just childish and so, so petty.”

Pierzina Also Addressed Her Recent Twitter Deactivation

Recently, Pierzina deactivated her Twitter account and fan wanted to know if they would ever see her back on that social media platform. Pierzina said she’ll be back, she just needed a break.

“I’m taking a 30-day break from Twitter just because nothing really good comes from it. I love Twitter when Big Brother is in season, I love to live tweet, and I love anything that happens with the #FreeBritney movement, so I may be back soon,” said Pierzina.

Finally, she also confirmed that the Big Brother girls’ trip to Napa, California, has been postponed because of the pandemic.

“As much as I wanted this girls’ trip to happen ASAP, we are still in a huge pandemic and I don’t think it’s safe for all of us girls, especially from Big Brother, to be traveling together and staying in a house. There’s just so many of us, so we’re going to have to postpone it a little bit,” said the reality TV star.

Big Brother U.S. returns in summer 2021 for its 23rd season. Big Brother Canada returns for its ninth season on March 3.

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