Brock Davies Breaks Down While Talking About a Recent Experience With His Son Eli

Brock Davies

Getty Images An emotional Brock Davies breaks down while talking about his kids.

Brock Davies has two children with an ex who he rarely gets to see as they all live in Australia. After Davies and his ex broke up, she moved on with someone else and their kids, Eli and Winter, have been raised away from their biological dad.

On Season 9 of “Vanderpump Rules,” Davies revealed that his ex actually obtained a restraining order against him. He also admitted that he felt like he “abandoned” his children when he decided to move to the States.

“Me and my ex, we had two beautiful kids. We split up, and she felt like I abandoned her and the kids by coming to America. She moved on with the kids’ stepdad, who then fulfilled the role of being a dad for my kids,” he said on an episode of VPR, according to Us Weekly.

And while Davies — who also shares 1-year-old daughter Summer Moon with Scheana Shay —  is in a better place with his kids these days — they talk on FaceTime — he hasn’t seen them in years. It’s still a work in progress, but Davies is doing his best to mend the relationship with Eli and Winter.

“That’s going to be a long one to fix. The damage was done with me and [their mom]. Now it’s just a waiting game,” he told Us Weekly in February 2022.

On the June 10, 2022, episode of the “Scheananigans” podcast, Davies asked psychotherapist Jessica Baum for advice on how to further mend the fence between him and his children.

Here’s what you need to know:

Davies Couldn’t Hide His Emotions When Talking About His Kids

While chatting with Baum on the podcast, Davies wanted to get her take on how he can repair his relationship with Eli and Winter.

“In my previous relationship, I did have two little ones. So, is there something that I can do — especially for my older boy, he was about 3 when we separated, 3 to 4 — and then they’re in their own relationship with their stepdad,” Davies explained.

“Is there something in there that I can work towards to try and help them? Cuz I don’t want to have me leaving them be that burden on their life. Like, they have a brilliant mom. Their mom did a great job with the kids. They have a great stepdad. Ever since I’ve been out of the picture there’s always been a male role model there… but that sense of abandonment…” Davies continued.

Davies went on to say that he has been reconnecting with his kids through FaceTime and while his daughter was okay with things, his son “didn’t want to say hello” to him.

Baum Encouraged Davies to ‘Validate’ His Kids’ Feelings

Baum told Davies to “validate the experience” for his kids. She encouraged him to give his kids “permission” to have “pain” and “sadness” and to make sure that they know that what they are feeling is okay — and that he understands it.

“And guess what? You get to repair that now,” Baum told Davies, who was crying while listening to her take on the situation.

Baum said that validating their feelings about what happened will help them all move forward. She believes that this will be a “catalyst” for them all to become closer.

“This is good honey,” Shay said to her husband-to-be.

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