Kate Chastain Calls Out Bravo In New Tweet

Kate Chastain

YouTube/Bravo Kate Chastain

In a new Tweet, former Below Deck star Kate Chastain called out Bravo, and she did not hold back.

On April 1, Chastain re-tweeted a video that Bravo had recently posted on their Instagram page. The video showed a montage of all the females who had been on Below Deck over the past few seasons. The network’s caption read, “Who run the deck? GIRLS. Shout out to the women producing, leading, and running the show; above & Below Deck!” However, it looks like the video left out one very important person, and that was Chastain.

In response to the video, Chastain called the network out on Twitter, writing, “Damn I guess 6 years just wasn’t enough to be included in this celebration of #BelowDeck females.” Chastain also commented on their original Instagram post, writing in the comment section, “LOL 6 years of being a female running the boat and you show the back of my ponytail.”

Chastain was a Chief Stewardess on Below Deck during seasons two through seven.

Many Fans Seemed to Agree With Kate Chastain’s Take on the Video

After Chastain called out the network on Twitter, many of her fans and followers seemed to agree that Bravo should have included her in the video. “Maybe b/c this is such a lame-a** video that if you would’ve been in it they knew your brightness would outshine everyone else too much…you MUST be used to that by now…you, Kate, stand alone…you are a STAR!!!” one fan replied to the Below Deck star on Twitter.

Another user wrote to Chastain on Twitter, “This is some passive aggressive garbage. You and Hannah made the show as popular as it is. Whoever made this seems a bit threatened by strong women, not someone who celebrates them.”

“My favourite season was the one where the producers glorified a smattering of misogynistic violence,” one user chimed in. “Get that glass ceiling gurl!”

Kate Chastain Left ‘Below Deck’ Ahead of Season 8

Before filming for Season 8 began, Chastain announced on Instagram that she would be leaving Below Deck. “After many months of reflection and internal discussions, I have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new land-based role,” Chastain wrote. “I intend to step back as a senior member of the Below Deck Family and work to become financially independent while continuing to fully support His Majesty Andy Cohen.”

However, it doesn’t seem like Chastain has any hard feelings or regrets about leaving Below Deck. Before Season 8 premiered in November, Chastain told Decider, “Of course I’m excited to see the new season. I only wish the best. I can’t wait to see how Captain Lee handled it in my absence. I need to know who brought him his Cheerios and how his pants were ironed.”

Chastain also likened the new season of Below Deck to a breakup. “It does feel like seeing my ex. And it feels like talking about my ex, so thank you for bringing that up!” Chastain told Decider at the time. “But it’s like, even when you break up with somebody, even if you don’t want to be with them anymore — you still don’t want them to like their new girlfriend better. You want them to always be like, the one that got away!”

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