Madison LeCroy Slammed Over ‘Ugly on the Inside’ Comment

Madison LeCroy

Bravo Madison LeCroy

Madison LeCroy had a little fun in a recent TikTok video but it didn’t go over well with some fans, who ripped the “Southern Charm” star for her message in the clip.

LeCroy posted a short video captioned, “I do my own stunts,” showing the Bravo star lounging in bed with a glass of wine in hand. The audio for the clip was a mix of Madonna’s “Material Girl” and a line from Mila Kunis’ character Jackie Burkhart in “That 70’s Show” stating, “He called me ugly on the inside and the outside. I’m sorry but he’s just wrong about the outside part!” LeCroy lip-synced to Kunis’ line before sipping on her wine at the end of the clip.

The Bravolebrity was slammed by several fans who said the video’s message was very accurate while others criticized her look and said she was unrecognizable from her earlier days on “Southern Charm.” Here is the video:

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LeCroy Was Ripped for Her ‘Unrecognizable’ Look in the Video & Fans Said She Wasn’t Wrong With the Comment

LeCroy came under fire from fans for her video, which was shared on Reddit. “I like Madison sometimes, but she’s so thirsty,” someone said. Another added, “Where is the lie? She is ugly on the inside. She’s very mean.” Someone else wrote, “She IS ugly inside, she has a snide comment at the ready about everyone.”

One person wrote, “She is [ugly on the inside]. But I don’t think she cares about that much, as long as she thinks she looks so great on the outside.” Someone wrote, “She’s gorgeous but man she’s such an ugly human lol.” One person trolled LeCroy, “imagine her practicing this over and over and over until she got THE one that she could finally post.”

Many people criticized her looks, saying she looked very different than her early days on “Southern Charm.” One person wrote, “I can’t get over her ruining her looks. It’s like throwing paint all over a piece of art thinking that will make it better. Now her new looks are matching her personality tho…” Someone else said, “Ya she looks very weird.” One person wrote, “She kinda looks like Matthew McConaughey with a wig on in this pic.”

Someone commented, “She looks unrecognizable….” One person wrote, “Her face keeps changing and it’s a shame I always thought she had a raw beauty. Now she looks like everyone else’s who gets to much filler.” Another commented, “Why does she look like she’s aged about 10 years? I didn’t even recognize her at first.”

LeCroy Will Be Getting Married to Fiance Brett Randle in November

LeCroy is planning her upcoming wedding to Brett Randle and she recently told E! News that her nuptials will be taking place in November. “I feel great about it,” she spilled. “I’m just going to show up and marry the man of my dreams.”

The hairdresser said she hasn’t had too much stress planning the special day thanks to her wedding planner and also because the event will be pretty small. LeCroy explained that there will only be around 30 people at her destination wedding, mainly their families, and she described it as “very intimate.” Because of that, no “Southern Charm” stars will be at LeCroy’s nuptials, she revealed.

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1 month ago

Here new Horse teeth look awful. The problem with vain people is they feel they need to fix everything on their body and that’s where they go from naturally attractive to plastic ugly. There isn’t too much that can help Madison because she has an ugly heart and feels the need to constantly tear people down as if she is perfect, which she is far from it. I hope she moves away after she gets married so, we do not need to see her on Southern Charm anymore. I used to like her but she has really been horrible and it is far from becoming. Grow up Madison, you know what you kept telling Austen to do because you are no better than he is.

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