Could Jackie Chan Appear on Cobra Kai? Fans Weigh In

Jackie Chan

Getty Jackie Chan is photographed at the UK premiere of "The Karate Kid" in 2010.

Jackie Chan starred as Mr. Han alongside Jaden Smith in the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid. As the acclaimed series Cobra Kai has continued the storylines of numerous Karate Kid characters, viewers may be hopeful that the Beijing-based maintenance man will make an appearance in future seasons. Arguably, this could be possible as Will Smith co-produced the reboot, and the actor currently holds the title of Cobra Kai’s executive producer. 

The Show’s Co-Creator Has Commented on Continuing Mr. Han’s Storyline

Jackie Chan waving

Getty Jackie Chan is photographed at the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival in 2011.

However, in a January interview with /Film, the show’s co-creator Jon Hurwitz disclosed that the writers will not revisit Mr. Han’s storyline on Cobra Kai. He told the publication: 

Yes, we’ve ruled that out completely. Jackie Chan is mentioned in season 1 of the show as a human, so I think in our world, Jackie Chan is an actor and a performer. If the characters on our show have seen a movie called The Karate Kid, they’ve seen that one.

Fans Have Discussed The Possibility of Jackie Chan Joining ‘The Cobra Kai’ Cast

Jackie Chan Jaden Smith

Getty Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith pose together at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

This information has not stopped viewers from speculating that Chan could eventually be a Cobra Kai cast member. There are quite a few threads on the Cobra Kai subreddit with fans discussing the likelihood of the actor appearing on the series. 

For instance, a fan with the username sockableclaw posed the question, Would you be OK with The Karate Kid remake being part of Cobra Kai canon?

In the post that was uploaded on the subreddit two months ago, the Reddit user explained that they enjoyed Chan’s performance in The Karate Kid

“I’d be fine with just merely a line or something that references the remake, quite honestly. I mean, since all of the characters in the remake were never in any of the other Karate Kid movies, there’s no reason why they couldn’t be in the same universe, right? And also, Will Smith is the executive producer for Cobra Kai and The Karate Kid remake, so…..What do you think?” read a portion of the post. 

A few Reddit users took to the comments section to answer the question. 

“It doesn’t matter tbh. It can exist but there is literally no connection with any of the main series,” wrote the user jaytrident. 

“I’d like to see this. Idk why so much of the fan base here hates it. It’s not like the inclusion of the characters, even briefly, would ruin the show. May be hard to work into s4 though,” added another fan with the username Laheim_Baaaack. 

In 2020 a Reddit user under the name ArzenaIFanTV also started a discussion thread with the question “Do u think Jackie Chan is too expensive to bring into Cobra Kai season 3?

One commenter with the username Noku101 described a scenario, in which Chan could become a Cobra Kai cast member. 

“He could be in CK season 3 but he’d have to be a completely new character. He’s a maintenance guy that works in some apartment complex in China probably just barely making enough money to pay for his needs. If he does go to America he won’t be going to some small time town in a valley,” wrote the Reddit user. 

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