Former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Contestant Felt ‘Destroyed’ on the Show

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Some “Dancing With the Stars” contestants don’t have the best experience on the show, even though other contestants say they had the time of their lives. For Ally Brooke, who was a contestant on season 28 of the ABC show, had a good time but was left feeling destroyed by one particular moment.

Brooke was paired with Sasha Farber, who visited her to catch up on her latest episode of “The Ally Brooke Show,” and the pair came in third place overall.

Farber and Brooke did find themselves in the bottom two at one point, and they had to be saved by the judges to continue on in the competition. When they were chosen as the pair to move forward, however, Brooke wasn’t all excited, she shared on the episode.

Brooke Wanted to Be Sent Home Over James Van Der Beek

Reunited with my DWTS Partner Sasha! | S1 E4 | The Ally Brooke ShowThis week Ally is reunited with close friend and her Season 28 Dancing With The Stars Partner, Sasha Farber! Sasha and Ally have an unbreakable bond, and a chemistry that goes well beyond the dance floor. It was no secret Ally and Sasha were the fan favorites of season 28 and left the competition family.…2021-06-02T21:00:57Z

James Van Der Beek had been having a hard time in his personal life when he found himself in the bottom two that week. He revealed that his wife had a miscarriage earlier in the show, and Brooke felt awful for him.

“He nearly didn’t dance the semifinals due to a family issue,” Farber said during his time on “The Ally Brooke Show.” “It was just hard. It was hard to process because it was us in the bottom two and we made it and they didn’t. I remember at one point you were like, ‘No, no, no. I want to give my position away to James.’ And I was like standing there, my wife is crying, James was crying, you’re crying, I was crying… You know, it’s crazy.”

Brooke added some more context around her tears at the time and the way that elimination made her feel.

“It was horrible,” she shared. “And especially the week he had, the devastation of losing a baby. Him having the strength to still go on the show and perform and dance. To me it just did not make sense. I’m like, ‘This does not make sense. There’s no way. I know America is rooted for him and voted for him.'”

Brooke Says She Was ‘Destroyed’ by the Hate She Received

Brooke said she’d wanted to quit the show after that, especially when she started getting hate from viewers for being saved.

“You don’t understand how much that can destroy someone,” she said. “That destroyed me and it took me back to the really bad space where I was after ‘X-Factor.'”

She continued, “My audition aired and I got so much hate there and that tore me apart. And then also, it brought back a lot of memories of getting online hate for like, you know, my body or my dancing in Fifth Harmony. I just felt like man, I can’t take this.”

Carrie Ann Inaba Vomited After Van Der Beek’s Elimination

Carrie Ann Inaba was also upset about the elimination of Van Der Beek, she shared during an episode of “The Talk.”

“It was heartbreaking,” Inaba shared during the episode, which took place the day after the star’s elimination on “Dancing With the Stars.” “I went home, and I vomited.”

Inaba said that it had been challenging to her “as a human being” to send the celebrity home after he revealed the miscarriage. She said she had to because that’s her job at the show, and she needed to decide which contestants were doing the best and who got to move on to the next episode.

“I have so much sadness in my heart for them, and my prayers are with them,” she said. “But, you know, this is when it’s really hard. As a judge, I have to judge the dance. I know on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ we show their stories and we get to know them, and they become family, and their pain is my pain.”

She said that it can’t matter what happens to people before they get into the ballroom, however, and she had to judge based only what happened on the ballroom floor that night.

Van Der Beek Has Opened up About His Time on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Van Der Beek opened up one year after his elimination on “Dancing With the Stars” in an emotional Instagram post.

“Been feeling my way around how to talk about this moment for some time now… one year ago today,” he wrote. “This was less than 48 hours after witnessing an 18-week #pregnancyloss in our shower and rushing [Kim] to the hospital. 12 hours after missing all of the camera blocking thinking I wouldn’t dance, but then changing my mind after Kim said, ‘I’m not done watching you dance, I want to see that Samba again in the finals next week.’”

Van Der Beek added, “This was 1/2 hour after the judges pretended to not know what was going on with me after I tried to fake my way through a cha-cha with a broken heart, and just moments after they’d chosen to send a different contestant to the finals, who – along with everyone else in the room – was shocked at their decision and tried to give me her spot live on air.”

“Dancing With the Stars” will return in 2021 for season 30.

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