Sharna Burgess Ripped for ‘Falling’ on Her Bump

Sharna Burgess.

Getty Images Sharna Burgess was slammed online after posting a reel.

Pregnant Sharna Burgess is firing back after several social media users slammed her for putting her baby in danger.

The “Dancing With the Stars” pro shared a reel on Instagram on May 7, 2022, and it wasn’t as well-received as she had hoped. In an effort to be funny, Burgess filmed a video of herself acting out a caption that read, “when you get all dressed up for date night and all he says is, ‘you’re getting huge.'”

Burgess is seen walking into the bedroom in a white dress, fake-crying, and throwing herself onto the bed. She then winds up on the floor and appears to hit her head on something — though it was simply a sound effect and not real.

“Say less… just say less,” she captioned the post. It didn’t take long for the comments to start piling up — and Burgess was left to defend herself.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Criticized Burgess for Landing on Her Baby Bump in the Video

Although Burgess was just trying to be funny, several people took to the comments section of her Instagram post, criticizing her for potentially putting her baby in danger.

“Do you care for baby or for your body I can’t understand sometimes. Kids are gifts from the God. It looks u go to hard on this video be careful Mama,” one comment read.

“Looks like you landed hard on your baby,” someone else added.

“Don’t want to be a spoilsport but that video is so wrong!!… Honestly scared me more than anything else,” read a third comment.

“Lol I was more concerned about u hurting itself when you fell! Is the ba y ok?” a fourth person asked.

“Wow you should not be throwing yourself around while pregnant like that. Do you have any sense?” a fifth comment read.

Burgess took to her Instagram Stories to clear some things up.

“LOL at some of the mom shaming on my last reed!!! Few things for the sensitive sally’s… 1. In what world does a woman having an ‘actual moment’ like this, open up the gram, choose a trending audio and ask someone to come film them? LOL ludicrous. 2. Have you ever heard of editing? Screen record and slow it down. I never landed on my belly. You are ridiculous to think I ever would do that or jeopardize the safety of peanut,” Burgess wrote.

“3. Read the fricken caption before you rant. Otherwise you look like an idiot. 4. Get a sense of humor. It was clearly a joke. If it’s not your type of funny, that is your perspective, not mine. And this is my page. 5. For the ones that are ‘ugh so over these pregnancy posts’ kindly unfollow me. I’ll be bragging and loving this experience into motherhood for the rest of my life. We are just getting started,” she added.

Several Instagram Users Thought Burgess’ Boyfriend Really Told Her She Was ‘Getting Huge’

Burgess also had to defend her post after several people thought that she was being serious about her boyfriend saying that she was “getting huge.”

“I hope he didn’t say that. He should know better he’s got three other children,” one person commented.

“Someone needs to school this guy…,” someone else said.

Burgess later cleared things up.

“Just before anyone gets the wrong idea… this caption is a joke lol. Bri has never told me I look huge or big or anything of the sort. He says ‘look at that belly, it’s so amazing’ or something along the line of that. I got a good one. But for anyone wondering… no… saying ‘huge’ ‘big’ or anything else in that world is not something a pregnant woman wants to hear! Just say she looks beautiful and be done with it,” she wrote in the comments section.

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