EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Armand Fields from Showtime’s ‘Work in Progress’

Showtime Armand Fields as King and Abby McEnany as Abby in WORK IN PROGRESS

Armand Fields is a non-binary, Black actor, and fashion expert who stars in Showtime’s “Work in Progress” as the character, King.

“I knew Abby before “Work in Progress,” so we have these stories that interwove before. We were both part of a gay improv troop called ‘Gay Co.’ Then we were both in Andersonville at the same time. Abby had those dark rim glasses, and so do I, and we would always spot each other.”

When asked how Fields came to be a part of “Work in Progress,” they said, “It was so crazy how it all happened, people were telling me this person, Abby just got this deal with Showtime. Then I got the request to audition.” says Fields, “When I read the script, the sides, I just remember walking into the audition room and it was so many people I knew and it was all love. When I went into the room and met Lily, and saw Abby, it was this immediate love. It was this energy and synergy where it just felt like this is right.”

Non-binary and Black Representation in Mainstream Media

“Me and my cohorts, we are all the firsts. When you’re the first, it can feel lonely, but you have to remind yourself why you’re doing it. The people coming up behind you will look to us. It’s exciting but it’s also like, who am I to look up to?”

“I’m just so grateful that we are in this ground laying phase.” they say, “Being non-binary, being Black, being queer, being femme presenting, and of a certain body type that is not the norm— it’s ‘WHEW!’ I was saying the other day that I have to be the courage. And a character like King exists because King gives me courage. Its a beautiful kind of circular thing. I am healing others, I am healing myself.”

How Are You and Your Character Alike?

“King and I are both a lot of ways similar. We just have a maternal instinct. I want to take care of my friends, and want whats best for my friends.” says Fields, “When I learned that King was going to be the fashion icon of the show, I thought, ‘Perfect.’ Because I actually went to school for fashion design, and I’ve always kind of had this passion for fashion. So when I learned about King that we are going to go there, I thought, it’s exciting, but terrifying. Where I would say, ‘Can I wear that? Can I get away with that?’ King was like, ‘YES! Of course.”

“I approach all my characters from clothing, I’m always like to think about what are they wearing? Because what we wear sort of says what we view about ourselves, also what we want society to view us as.”

What to Expect in Season Two

“You’re going to get a lot of backstory,” says Fields, “I’m just so excited to see more of the current and past world, and seeing Abby trying to get better. “Work in Progress” finds a way to tell stories about all people. You really get to see what King does outside of the restaurant, that they are an artist. King is this performance artist, and I’m so excited about hopefully having a third season to be able to explore that more.”

“The subject matter, portraying Chicago queer people in a very authentic way, I want to be apart of it. The queer people in Chicago need this,” says Fields, “You’re learning more about the black experience, you’re learning a little bit about cis couples and their struggles, having older parents, and being an adult child, there’s interracial relationships. We’re doing all of these things but it feels so effortless. We’re just telling the human experience.”

Follow Fields on Instagram to keep up to date with their latest projects, and catch them as King in “Work in Progress” every Sunday night.

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