Lacey Chabert Reveals What Intimidates Her About Filming Hallmark Movies

Getty Lacey Chabert arrives at the Los Angeles special screening of Hallmark Channel's "A Christmas Love Story" at Montage Beverly Hills on October 21, 2019.

Lacey Chabert recently revealed what part of filming Hallmark movies intimidates her the most. And based on her most recent movies, some fans may find her revelation quite surprising.

She Said Dancing Is Her ‘Weak Spot’ that Always Intimidated Her

In an interview with ET Online, Chabert revealed that dancing is her weak spot and something that she’s always been intimidated by. She had to face that fear when her recent movie, Christmas Waltz, was focused almost completely on dancing.

“Dancing has always been my weak spot, I’ve always been very intimidated by it and I don’t feel very comfortable dancing,” she admitted. “[But] I kind of overcame my own obstacle in a way and felt really proud of myself at the end of it. We did it, and I actually want to continue taking lessons. I loved it.”

Chabert’s story is a true success story. Despite a lifelong intimidation of dancing, she’s learned to love dancing and plans to continue taking lessons after her training for Christmas Waltz.

This might also explain why she’s never considered joining Dancing with the Stars, despite Hallmark colleagues’ encouraging her to do so. Candace Cameron Bure, who starred on Dancing with the Stars in Season 18, thinks Chabert would be a great addition to the show. She commented on one of Chabert’s Instagram photos of her training for Christmas Waltz and wrote: “I see DWTS in your future!”

InstagramLacey Chabert’s waltz movie is giving people Dancing with the Stars vibes.

Here’s another photo that Chabert shared from her training for the movie.

Chabert really had to face her weakness to make the movie. She even worked through a broken toe and bruised ribs, according to one of her social media posts. But she stayed the course, persevered, and has now decided that she even enjoys dancing.

She said they laughed a lot while filming and training, despite how grueling the dance lessons were at times.

Their trainer, Jean Marc Genereux, shared a video of an exhausted Chabert and Will Kemp after one of their training days in September. He wrote: “YESSSSSSSSS !!! There are risks in doing Waltz with ME !!! I burned them 🤣🤣🤣 More … More … More !!!! GO Waltz GO 🤣🤣🤣 Love this Guys !!!@thereallacey & @iamwillkemp So proud of YOU 👍 ❤️❤️❤️”

And here they are after their first day of training. He wrote: “Great day of dancing with a great actress @thereallacey and fantastic actor @iamwillkemp , very productive and inspiring first rehearsal❤️❤️❤️ Super day sharing my love for Dance with two beautiful people @thereallacey & @iamwillkempwith wonderful soul! So much fun getting to know each other !!! Looking to create magic with those two !!! #Waltz #Christmas”

Her Next ‘Crossword Mysteries’ Is Expected to Premiere Sometime in Spring 2021

As for Chabert, she’s been really busy ever since Christmas Waltz. Her latest installment of Crossword Mysteries just premiered and the next one, Riddle Me Dead, is expected to premiere sometime in Spring 2021. Film director David Winning shared a photo from filming the movie and said that Elliott and Chabert are going to be incredible in it.

The movie was filmed in December.

According to IMDb, the new movie is premiering on April 11. However, Hallmark schedules can change, so this timing isn’t guaranteed.

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