‘Aurora Teagarden’ & ‘When Calls the Heart’ Sets Impacted by Catastrophic Flooding

Aurora Teagarden & When Calls the Heart

Crown Media Aurora Teagarden & When Calls the Heart

The Hallmark series “When Calls the Heart” is filmed at the Jamestown movie set in Canada. Shortly after season 9 wrapped filming, the region was hit with major flooding and landslides. At the same time, some locations used for filming “Aurora Teagarden” scenes were reportedly underwater, the Jamestown Twitter account revealed.

Major Flooding & Evacuations Have Been Reported Near the ‘When Calls the Heart’ Jamestown Set

“When Calls the Heart” is filmed at the Jamestown movie set in Canada, on a 96-acre land in Langley, British Columbia, called MacInnes Farms, shared I’ve Scene It on Hallmark. The Jamestown movie set is also used for other filming opportunities when “When Calls the Heart” isn’t there.

On November 17, the Jamestown Movie Set shared on Facebook an update from one of the farm’s owners, which included a photo of the show’s “Kissing Bridge” near the location of a flash flood.

The post was written by Locality Brewing.

They wrote that the road connecting the working farm to the farmland wasn’t broken by rain, but other roads nearby were.

“The road did not break this time but much bigger roads broke throughout the province,” they wrote. “Water that is the life thread to many farms is now the devastation of the farms. Farming is a struggle and the ultimate connection to nature and the land.”

On Wednesday, Canada had to deploy its Air Force to British Columbia to help with the flooding, Reuters reported. Access to the largest port in Vancouver was cut off due to mudslides destroying bridges. A month’s worth of rain fell in about two days, Reuters reported, and the city of Abbotsford’s pumping station was close to being overwhelmed. Things were so perilous at one point that volunteers built a dam overnight around the pumping station.

An evacuation order was issued in Abbotsford on Tuesday, but many farmers stayed to try to save their animals. According to Google Maps, Abbotsford is just about 29 kilometers from MacInnes Farms.

On November 16, the Jamestown movie set’s official Twitter account wrote, “Its getting a scary out here. Grocery stores are emptying fast who knows when they’ll be restocked, gas stations r running out of gas, farmers that can still milk their cows have to dump the milk because they can’t truck it out. Those that can’t milk, expect their cattle to die.”

However, they noted that they’re on a hill and safe.

They reiterated that since they’re on a hill, they’ll be OK.

Some ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Locations Are Underwater, the Jamestown Twitter Account Revealed

The Jamestown movie set’s Twitter account shared that some of the “Aurora Teagarden” filming locations were faring much worse than they were. They said that the “Aurora Teagarden” church, the school where her murder club meets, and the candy store were flooded.

They wrote, “One of the areas where all the Father Christmases & the Aurora Teagardens r filmed have been underwater since Sunday. The church, school (where Aurora holds her murder club meetings), & the candy store where many Hallmark’s are filmed. You can take a boat down their streets!”

At the Beginning of WCTH Season 9 Filming, Record-Breaking Temperatures and Wildfires Were Reported Near the Set

There have been quite a few natural disasters and other major weather issues in this region recently. When season 9 started prep and filming, the region was experiencing a major heatwave.

Right after prep started for the new season, Jamestown Movie Set shared on Facebook that a heat wave was heading for Canada that would include the MacInnes Farms location. Temperatures were expected to hit 113 degrees Fahrenheit, they wrote.

According to The Weather Network, most of western Canada was experiencing record-breaking temperatures which were expected to last for a few days.

Then in early July, things got worse. The town of Lytton, located just a few hours away from MacInnes Farms, made national news when it recorded higher temperatures than almost anywhere else in Canada during the heatwave. Following three days of record-breaking heat, a wildfire started northeast of Vancouver and spread so quickly that everyone had to be evacuated. About 90% of the town was destroyed in just one day, reported DH News Vancouver.

According to Google Maps, MacInnes Farms is only a little more than four hours away from Lytton by car. That’s approximately 226 kilometers or 140 miles.

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