Fans Comment on Ben Napier’s Music Choice on a Rainy Day Drive

Ben Napier

HGTV Ben Napier stars in "Home Town: Ben's Workshop."

“Home Town” star Ben Napier delighted his fans with his song choice during a rainy day drive in his pickup truck. The HGTV host shared a glimpse into his life on his Scotsman Co. Instagram page while playing the William Prince song “Old Souls.” His fans, especially those from Canada, reacted to his music in the comments on the post.

“I love that you’re listening to our Canadian singer/songwriter. I just saw him live a couple weeks ago at Salmon Arm Roots and Blues and he was fantastic!!” one fan wrote. Another added, “Thanks for sharing this Ben! I just discovered William Prince (while arching the full moon) because you did! From my neighboring province too!! 🇨🇦”

Another fan commented, “Amazing artist from my country 🇨🇦” And another said, “Love that you are listening to one of our amazing talents from Manitoba 🇨🇦”

Ben Napier Said It Was ‘Windows Down Weather’ After the Rain Passed

In the caption of his Instagram video, Napier wrote, “Windows down weather with @WilliamPrince.” The Canadian singer released his newest album, “Reliever,” in 2020. One fan responded to the video, “Best way to drive 👏👏❤️” Another said, “I thought I was the only one who loves to drive with my windows down! Late afternoons is awesome ❤️”

Music is clearly an important part of life for Ben Napier and his wife, Erin Napier, who is herself a musician. When the couple welcomed their first child into the world in 2018, Ben Napier shared a Spotify playlist they listened to when she first came home, writing on Instagram, ” “I made a playlist for the day we brought Helen home. I’ll let y’all experience it.”

In February, he wrote on Instagram about having to do work to fix up his pickup so he could enjoy drives like the one he posted about, “Well, Clint, my noble steed, my trusty stallion, my workhorse, my blue ox is in the ditch. The transmission is shot. I’m at a crossroads. Do I replace the transmission and keep patching him up? Or do I put a new chassis, motor, transmission, and rearend under him? I used this truck to start Scotsman Company years ago, and it has become the mascot of our show and our business. I am leaning towards the full swap and making the truck more dependable.”

Ben Napier Also Shared His Daughter’s Music Choice During a Drive to the Pool

In another recent Instagram post, Ben Napier revealed his love of music has been passed down to his daughter. He wrote in the Instagram post, “Headed to the pool, we climbed in our 1999 @chevrolet suburban, Helen reached into the console, pulled out this #compactdisc, and said, ‘I want to listen to @sherylcrow.’ This is parenting done right. #LeavingLasVegas #90sGirl.”

A fan replied, “Definitely good parenting. 😊. Now you just need to give her a big round brush to use as her microphone as she sings – 🎤 I, wanna soak up the sun.” Another said, “That’s a great CD! Helen has great taste!”

Others pointed out the nostalgia of listening to a CD. One fan commented, “man I miss having a CD player in my car. New cars don’t seem to come with them anymore unless you custom order it. 😢 I’m pretty sure I wore that CD out.” Another replied, “Wish I still had a CD player in my vehicle.”

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