Joanna Gaines Reveals Phony Aspect of Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines

HGTV Chip and Joanna Gaines are the hosts of Fixer Upper.

Season after season on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines renovated and decorated homes in their community of Waco, Texas. While the Magnolia matriarch styles the homes for the final reveal, Bustle and Starcasm reported that the homeowners do not get to keep the furniture.

The outlets shared excerpts from Joanna Gaines’ since-deleted blog post addressing fan questions, originally posted on their Magnolia website. One fan asked, “Do the clients keep the furniture and everything in the home?”

“It all depends on the client and their budget,” Gaines responded. “Our show features real clients with real budgets. The furniture budget is not part of the renovation budget, it’s something some clients add at the end.”

She continued, “About half of our clients already have all their own furnishings (some of which I use for the reveal), and others buy the items I decorate the home with. The main reason I decorate the rooms for the reveal is because I want the clients to get the full picture of how to maximize their newly renovated space.”

Many of the furnishings come from the Gaines’ store, Magnolia Market, reported Starcasm. Some items even appear in more than one home throughout the series. Based on an interview on Rachel Teodoro’s blog, other furniture comes from retailers like Wayfair.

In 2018, Bustle reached out to HGTV for comment on the matter. Their statement said in part, “During production of the current season, the requirement was that a homeowner’s financial contribution be in proportion to the amount of renovations the home required.”

Given Popsugar’s reports that the minimum for renovations is $30,000, the new homeowners will have to decide if the additional cost is worth it.

A ‘Fixer Upper’ Client Revealed Their Budget Was ‘Spent’ Before Buying Furniture

HGTV viewers will recognize Jaime Ferguson from season three of Fixer Upper. She told Rachel Teodoro that Gaines “incorporated some of our favorite pieces that we already owned.”

A particularly sentimental piece featured was a buffet Ferguson had refurbished. She noted, “So when Joanna wanted to use that piece in our final design it made me giddy!”

Other personal pieces incorporated into the design included an antique dresser, sofa, mirror and framed music sheets.

“When it came time to pack up all their beautiful staging furniture Kyle and I had to decide what we really loved because our budget at that point was pretty spent,” Ferguson explained. The couple kept a few items from Wayfair, adding, “Joanna gifted some of the music room items that she had custom made for Kyle.”

The House Tours Can Be an ‘Act’

The house tours featured in Fixer Upper can be an act.

David Ridley, who Chip Gaines called “Waco’s Most Eligible Bachelor,” revealed he already had the home picked out when he went on the show. He told Country Living, “The show sets it up where you look at the house, but anybody who reads the blogs know that you kind of have to have the house set up. I did consider [the other two houses] but they had no backyard.”

This was a sentiment echoed by Chris and Lindy Ermoian on Rachel Teodoro’s blog. HGTV wrote the Gaineses “had no idea that this one had actually once belonged to Lindy Ermoian’s grandmother and was built by her great uncle,” while noting “the current owners were asking $100,000.”

However, as Teodoro revealed that despite appearing shocked as they drove up to the house, they had already purchased the home. ”The current owner that was offering it for sale for the bargain price of $100,000 was her parents,” the blog states.

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