Fans React to Kim Kardashian’s New Home Decor Line Made With Cement

Kim Kardashian

Getty Kim Kardashian attends the Met Gala in May 2022

When reality star Kim Kardashian helped her mom Kris Jenner surprise a family friend with a renovated backyard oasis during the third season of HGTV‘s “Celebrity I.O.U.,” hosts Drew and Jonathan Scott were impressed by Kardashian’s eye for design and interest in decor. But they probably didn’t expect the billionaire entrepreneur would one day become a competitor to them in the homewares industry, with the launch of her own home accessories line.

Kardashian Launches Five-Item Bathroom Line Made of Cement

On September 28, 2022, Architectural Digest first reported on Kardashian’s entry into the world of home accessories, with five monochromatic bathroom decor pieces inspired by Skkn by Kim skin-care products she launched in May. The five items are made of concrete, and will be available exclusively on her skincare line’s website starting October 6 at noon Eastern.

In recent years, she has gravitated toward very minimalistic design and neutral colors, as seen in the magazine’s 2020 tour of the suburban Los Angeles mansion she and ex-husband Kanye West spent seven years transforming. Architectural Digest writer Mayer Rus called their family home “one of the most fascinating, otherworldly, and, yes, strange pieces of domestic architecture on the planet.”

Many fans and critics have questioned why the simple pieces — including a wastebasket, canister, and tissue box — are made of gray concrete. In an interview with the magazine about the line, she said, “All my inspiration was concrete sculpture and varying shades of stone.”

On September 29, Kardashian shared photos and insights about the products on Instagram, where she has 330 million followers.

“When I started my packaging design process for @skkn it began with natural stones and design elements found within my own home,” she wrote. “I always envisioned the skincare collection as one that could be beautiful and simple enough to be on display on any counter, which inspired me to design accessories to compliment the line and elevate any home with the same modern, minimalistic elegance. I am so excited to finally bring you this five-piece collection.”

Fans Question Cost & Style of New Items

In her interview with Architectural Digest, Kardashian said one of the reasons she’s drawn to concrete and simplistic design is that both contribute to her feeling calmer.

“I think having the concrete material and monochromatic design are important for my mental wellness,” Kardashian said. “I find that there is so much chaos out in the world that when I come home, the minimalist design creates a sense of quiet and calm.”

“I wanted each piece to be artfully crafted from hand-poured concrete—every item has its own unique texture and stone effect with an ornate patina occurring over time, so no two pieces are exactly the same,” she said of the new home accessories.

The pieces in her new concrete collection can be ordered separately, or as a five-piece bundle for $355. Customers are advised on the website to keep the items out of excess sunlight since the concrete can crack, and to not clean the items with anything that could stain concrete. Also submerging the items in water to clean is not advisable because cement dries so slowly.

Kardashian’s initial post about the bathroom line received over a half million “likes” on Instagram but it’s clear not all of her followers are fans of the new line, with hundreds of comments slamming the price and simplistic style of the items. When one of Kardashian’s best friends, Steph Shep, wrote “she doesn’t miss,” someone replied, “overpriced basic sh** seems like a miss to me.”

Another follower wrote, “Kimberly, we didn’t need this, love.”

And one man joked, “Coming soon to a landfill near you.”

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