Kate Chastain Slams New ‘Below Deck’ Chief Stew

Kate Chastain

Getty Kate Chastain with Captain Lee Rosbach in 2019

Even though Kate Chastain is no longer the chief stew on Below Deck, it looks like she sure has a lot to say about her replacement!

During a November 23 episode of Bravo’s Chat Room, Chastain shaded the new chief stew on this season of Below Deck, Francesca Rubi. Chastain spoke about the disaster that happened on the latest episode, when the second stew, Elizabeth Frankini, forgot many of the items on the boat, like sunscreen and a pitcher of margaritas.

“The beach picnic was a disaster,” Chastain said on Bravo’s Chat Room, according to Monsters and Critics. “I don’t think Elizabeth should be blamed because there wasn’t alcohol and sunscreen. There is one person in charge of it, and she should have made a checklist. Check yourself, Francesca.”

Chastain continued, explaining, “There is so much I would do differently.” Earlier this year, Chastain announced on Instagram that she would no longer be appearing on Below Deck, after six seasons on the show.

Kate Chastain Said That Watching the New Season of ‘Below Deck’ Was Like ‘Seeing an Ex’

During a September 2020 interview with Decider, Chastain compared watching the new season of Below Deck to seeing an ex. “It does feel like seeing my ex,” Chastain said to Decider. “And it feels like talking about my ex, so thank you for bringing that up!”

Chastain continued, telling Decider, “But it’s like, even when you break up with somebody, even if you don’t want to be with them anymore — you still don’t want them to like their new girlfriend better. You want them to always be like, the one that got away! But of course I’m excited to see the new season. I only wish the best. I can’t wait to see how Captain Lee handled it in my absence. I need to know who brought him his Cheerios and how his pants were ironed.”

Captain Lee Said That He Was ‘Anxious’ Without Chastain During This Charter

Even though new chief stew Rubi seems to be getting along fine with Captain Lee Rosbach, it seems like he still felt Chastain’s absence during the current charter. During a recent interview with In Touch, Rosbach admitted that he felt “anxious” without Chastain on board, after having her there for the past several seasons.

“[I was] a little anxious because I hadn’t met my new chief stew yet,” Rosbach said to In Touch. “You just don’t know what you’re going to get. And with Kate, I knew what I had and I knew I could count on her. She was my right hand that’s [now] gone. So you’re a little apprehensive, a little anxious.”

However, even though Rosbach didn’t have Chastain on board, he had Eddie Lucas as Bosun, who hasn’t been on the show since season three. “It’s been a long time since I’ve walked in where just everybody was brand new,” Rosbach revealed to In Touch. “Even Eddie [Lucas] was brand new to a certain degree because he and I hadn’t worked together in five years.”

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