‘Married at First Sight’ Season 13 Spoilers: Who Stays Together & Who Divorces?


Just like fans of “The Bachelor” follow Reality Steve for potential spoilers, fans of “Married at First Sight” have their own spoiler expert they turn to for season-ending revelations. And this expert has just released their predictions and spoilers for which couples will stay together and which will divorce by the time Season 13 of the hit Lifetime reality series ends.

Here’s what we know so far.

This article has MAJOR SPOILERS for Season 13 of “Married at First Sight.” 

A Spoiler-Heavy Instagram Account Has Released Predictions

The Instagram account MAFSFan has released spoiler predictions for Season 13. Fans who follow the account closely say that for the last two seasons, this Instagram source has been mostly accurate about their breakup/stay-together predictions. As a result, many viewers believe these spoiler predictions will also prove correct.

Here is what MAFSFan shared on their Instagram story about the Season 13 couples. It’s not guaranteed that this information will end up being accurate, however. They noted at the beginning of their predictions that there has been less information than normal this season, so they hope they’re wrong.

First, they started with a disclaimer that noted that tea has been minimal so far this season and they haven’t been able to accurately determine most Decision Day outcomes. However, they added that they feel fairly sure about their spoilers for the current-day outcomes following Decision Day.


Because the spoilers are so negative for the new season, MAFSFan added that they hope they can be proven wrong this time.


Here are the spoilers as revealed by MAFSFan so far. Remember that these aren’t guaranteed to be accurate, but are the account’s predictions based on information shared with them behind-the-scenes that has not been revealed.

Ryan & Brett


The prediction for Ryan and Brett is that this couple will decide to divorce on Decision Day and are no longer still together current-day.

Myrla & Gil


There is currently no prediction for Myrla and Gil on Decision Day, but MAFSfan believes they are no longer still together current-day.

Heavy previously reported that Myrla was already selling her wedding dress online. You can read the story about this discovery here.

Rachel & Jose


There is currently no prediction for Rachel and Jose on Decision Day, but MAFSfan believes they are no longer still together current-day.

Bao & Johnny


There is currently no prediction for what Bao and Johnny decide to do on Decision Day, but MAFSfan believes they are no longer still together current-day. This is especially tough for fans to hear, as many believed they were the couple most likely to stay together.

Michaela & Zack

MAFSFan’s information about Michaela and Zack changed from the first day they had spoiler information to an update shared on the second day.


On the first day, the Instagram account predicted they would divorce on Decision Day and no longer be together current-day.


But on August 5, MAFSFan updated their Instagram story with a new prediction that Michaela and Zack would decide to stay together on Decision Day, but later divorce at some point.

By changing their prediction, MAFSFan has also given viewers more hope that maybe some of these other predictions might end up not being accurate.

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