Reality Star Responds to Criticism Regarding Staying With Cheating Husband

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A former Love & Hip Hop star came forward and spoke about the criticism she received for staying with her cheating partner.  Amina Buddafly sounded off on Twitter about those who shamed her for staying married to Peter Gunz once she found out he was involved in a 15-year-relationship. She specifically slammed Wendy Williams, who also stayed with her cheating husband.

“So many f****** women stay w cheaters but I was ‘the stupidest b**** on earth’. Wendy Williams knew for 12 years!!! Twelve!! And had the audacity to call me less than smart.. I could drop more names but I won’t….I’m w [Saweetie]…but then again who knows she may go back too…”

Her tweet came amid rapper Saweetie announcing her breakup with Quavo, who she said was unfaithful during their relationship. Wendy Williams filed for divorce after her ex-husband Kevin Hunter welcomed a child with his mistress Sharina Hudson. In her biopic, Wendy Williams: The Movie, she revealed that she found out about Hunter’s cheating ways since their son, Kevin Jr., was two months old.

Amina Buddafly & Peter Gunz Divorced in 2018

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Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz finalized their divorce in January 2018, which they both revealed in Instagram posts.

In another post, Gunz, born Peter Pankey, said that he and his ex-wife ended their marriage amicably.

“Our divorce is not ugly,” he wrote under a photo of them. “No lawyers no judges no Mediators!! Just us.. I love @aminabuddafly and the Beautiful Queens she gave me.. Divorce in our case is not a bad thing it’s best and won’t change the support and love for her my kids and her music.. no comments necessary.”

After they ended their marriage, Buddafly told Showbiz Cheatsheet that she moved to Los Angeles, California for a fresh start. She said healing from her breakup was extremely difficult.

“I was crying daily or every other day in that relationship,” the mother-of-two said. “When I look back now, I don’t remember the last time I cried, it was probably like two years ago. Time really did help me heal. The saying, ‘Your kids don’t need a perfect mom, they need a happy mom’ is so true.”

She added that she and Pankey are co-parenting peacefully.

“We are good,” she said. “I consider him a friend. We co-parent,” she said. “I tell people all the time that out of everyone I’ve been with, I am happy I had children with him. Peter is an amazing person, he’s just not a good partner.”

Denzel Washington Confronted Peter Gunz About His Cheating Ways

The love triangle between Amina Buddafly, Peter Pankey and Tara Wallace struck a cord with millions of the show’s viewers including Denzel Washington. During an interview with Angie Martinez, the Cheaters host said that while he was out with Wallace one night, they ran into the Oscar-winning actor and commented on the Bronx, New York native’s infidelity.

“He told Tara, ‘You’ve gotta kick his a**. That boy’s crazy!’ I said, ‘You watch the show?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, what am I gonna do? Just watch movies?’”

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