Reality Star Claimed Co-Star Said She Sold Her Soul to the Devil

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A former Love & Hip Hop star has explained why she decided to exit the show after being there since the first season. Ariane Davis, who starred on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, sat down with Melyssa Ford for her podcast “I’m Here For the Food” and discussed why it was necessary for her to part ways with the franchise in 2017.

During their chat, she explained that she wasn’t willing to let the cameras film more of her personal life for the show. She had played the role of Mimi Faust’s best friend and kept her relationship and family out of her story line, so when she was asked to air more of her life on the show, she passed.

It was mutual for my exiting because I wasn’t going to give them anymore than I was already giving and at that point, that storyline was getting old. So I think, it was them wanting more from me and me saying, ‘oh hell no.’ It did have something to do with pay, but also, you couldn’t pay me enough to bring my personal life on this particular show because you don’t know the work I’d been doing to save my relationship. To be rehashing things that unbeknownst to them that we worked through, yeah, nah. It wasn’t worth it. Because nobody had to go home with us but us. I chose that over anything because it just wasn’t worth it.”

Davis Said One of Her Co-Stars Told Her They Sold Their Soul to the Devil

Davis also discussed how she witnessed many of her co-stars become mentally drained while filming the VH1 reality show. She said she has seen them have crying spells over how they were portrayed on the show and put their values aside to ensure a hefty check and camera time.

“I can say that firsthand, from people that I’ve worked with on the show, there were times off-camera, tears in my garage for hours they would be crying. I’m not going to name specific people but there were times where I literally had someone tell me, ‘I sold my soul to the devil.’”

Davis said she had hard times while on the show too but wasn’t willing to portray herself in a way that didn’t align with her values.

It was trying sometimes for me too, but I always knew my stance. Y’all couldn’t threaten me with s*** about not being in a scene or not getting paid because my mental health meant more to me, my integrity meant more to me, my morals. My mother and my grandmother were watching the show. So I didn’t care about all of the in and outs of what everybody else cared about. They really didn’t care at a point. It was like, ‘No I have to get paid. I have to be in this scene. I have to work.’ No you don’t. Not if it’s making you feel like s*** in the bottom of your stomach. It’s okay to say no. I feel like people were afraid and they got into these contracts too. Thank God I have an amazing attorney. We weren’t playing that. We chose our s*** very strategically. People get into these contracts and it f**** them up and it messes you up mentally so badly but nobody wants to do the work in healing.”

Listen to the full interview below where she discusses the death of her father, her near death experience on New Year’s Eve and more.

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