Jackie Goldschneider Torn Up Over Upcoming RHONJ Reunion

Jackie Goldschneider

Getty Jackie Goldschneider in 2019

During a recent podcast appearance, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider dished about the upcoming Season 11 reunion amid her feud with Teresa Giudice.

Although it is still pretty early on in the season, Goldschneider admitted that she thinks about the reunion “every day” while appearing on Betches’ Mention It All podcast on March 25. “I’m thinking about the reunion every day. Obviously, we’re gonna address the issues, but I want it to be done in a respectable way,” Goldschneider confessed while on the podcast, as noted by Us Weekly.

Goldschneider continued, “And I don’t want my family dragged anymore — I just think that’s very below the belt. I know I’m gonna get into it with Teresa, but I’m hoping she keeps it above board and does not try to drag my husband down anymore and isn’t super vicious, because I just don’t feel like that’s necessary for a reality show. We can keep it above board and still have plenty of drama.”

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Jackie Goldschneider Says That She Is ‘Done’ With the Cheating Rumor

Much of Goldschneider’s fight with Giudice is due to the fact that Giudice spread a rumor that Goldschneider’s husband, Evan, was cheating on her. After an explosive fight and contentious trip to the New Jersey Shore on last week’s episode, Goldschneider explained while on the podcast that she and her husband are “done” with the cheating rumor.

“We decided we’re done with this rumor,” Goldschneider said. “If she wants to keep it going, you do you, Teresa. We are done with it and I was moving on. And I’m okay with being in the room with somebody and being cordial and not having a vicious fight, so that was my mindset. I’m not gonna let one person ruin the rest of my season.”

Goldschneider also teased that the second half of the season is definitely lighter than the first half. “It was a lot more fun,” Goldschneider said. “The second half of the season was a lot more fun. It’s such a great season.”

The Cheating Rumors Caused a Rift in Goldschneider’s Relationship With Her Husband

After Goldschneider caught wind of the rumors that Giudice was spreading about her husband, the star revealed that it did cause a brief rift in their relationship. “Evan was really, really upset, and I was really upset,” Goldschneider recently said during an interview with Bravo Insider. “And we were bickering and fighting, and we were trying so hard to not let our emotions spill out into what the kids could see — but they saw it. They saw me crying. They saw him upset. Everything was destroyed. I didn’t sleep that week.”

Goldschneider continued, explaining that her kids were also upset by the drama. “We didn’t give them details, but you could tell that they were scared,” Goldschneider said. “They asked me a few times, ‘Are you and Daddy gonna get divorced?'”

However, despite this rough patch, Goldschneider and her husband are doing well today, and it seems like their relationship is stronger than ever.

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