Former ‘Bachelorette’ Host Calls Fans ‘Nasty,’ Insists Comments Were Taken Out of Context

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A former “Bachelorette” star recently voiced frustration over seeing some previous comments of hers misconstrued online. Kaitlyn Bristowe, who was the lead for season 11 of “The Bachelorette” and co-host with Tayshia Adams for seasons 17 and 18, did her best to set the record straight. However, she may have caused a bit of drama in the process.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bristowe Insisted She Wasn’t ‘Inserting’ Herself Into the Drama

Bristowe vented her frustrations on an Instagram post on the “Bachelorette Windmill” page. She has been vocal about disliking components of the current season of “The Bachelorette,” which stars both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. In a recent interview, Bristowe was asked what she would do differently if she were hosting. She replied, in part, “I would have tried to adjust Rachel’s crown and remind her she’s a goddess.” The caption of the recent Instagram post where Bristowe’s comments were reshared asked followers, “would you want to see kaitlyn as host?” It did not take long for Bristowe to add a lengthy comment.

The former “Bachelorette” lead and host has admitted she was disappointed she was not asked to continue hosting the show. Despite that, she has complimented Jesse Palmer on how he has managed the role. Bristowe has also acknowledged she thinks it’s essentially a disservice to the “Bachelorette” leads that they do not get insight from a female host.

“Some of y’all are nasty!” Bristowe blasted. “I am here to say I like Jesse as the host. He’s incredible. I have an opinion on every season. Im not inserting myself, I’m being asked by media and things are being picked up because I had two bachelorettes on my season.” She continued, “I love Gabby and Rachel and Jesse! Everyone is killing it.”

Some Fans Had Been Critical of Bristowe

It was not difficult to find the kinds of comments on that Instagram post that likely pushed Bristowe to lash out.

“I need for her to stop inserting herself. It’s just too much now. She did her time and it was fine but I was ready to move on from her as host,” read one comment.

“Kaitlyn is a nice person but the girls were terrible [as] hosts. Jesse is doing a great job,” shared a show fan.

“I think Kaitlyn needs to find a life other than bachelor nation,” commented someone else.

“No. She needs to grow up and stop crying over everything,” declared another viewer in response to the idea she should be hosting.

The discussion spilled over to Reddit, where it appeared there were mixed responses to the Instagram drama.

“Good for her! I hate when people act like someone was running their mouth on a topic but they really just got asked by numerous media outlets,” declared a supporter.

“It comes across as a little sour grapes, but she hasn’t been as bitter as others,” suggested someone else of Bristowe’s various critiques on this season.

“Attempt at saving face for future opportunities,” a Redditor speculated of Bristowe’s glowing comments regarding Jesse Palmer. “Probably finally realized the sour grapes approach was not going to serve her,” that commenter continued.

Did Bristowe go too far in this case, or did “Bachelorette” fans cross a line? Will she step back from commenting as much as she has been regarding the current season? Bristowe did not hesitate to defend herself in this case, and fans can likely expect to see more of the same from her in the future.

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