How to Get & Use Gold Bars in Fortnite Season 5

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A new currency has been introduced in Fortnite Season 5 in the form of Gold Bars, but the game doesn’t really do much in the way of explaining what it does or even how to use it.

With bounty hunters now appearing on the map, including The Mandalorian and his two Mythics, it makes sense that this season leans heavy into that theme.

The Gold Bars are actually used to upgrade your weapons, get bounties, and even heal from the various NPCs located across the map.

There are many of these NPCs, who aren’t hostile, to get quests from, so if you come across one, make sure you take the time to talk to them.

How to Get Gold Bars

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Gold Bars are pretty easy to come across as chests and eliminated players will reward with them, but you’ll also be able to get them as a reward for completing the quests from these NPCs.

Basically, Gold Bars are easy to come across if you’re playing the game as you normally would, but you’ll still want to check out the NPCs to grab some upgraded weapons or bounties when you’re in the area.

Where to Find NPCs

These NPC characters can be found all across the map, and most of them aren’t going to be hostile to you. In fact, you can even lay into them for a bit before they even react if you’re not sure.

When you talk to them, you’ll see a variety of different options you can choose from to purchase, and all of these will require Gold Bars.

It appears that different NPCs will offer different services, so make sure you take some time and talk to as many of them as you can. We can easily seeing these NPCs becoming part of the meta considering how powerful the rewards can be.

We’ll see how things progress as Fortnite Season 5 continues. We’re just in the early stretch of it, so there’s still plenty to look for on the horizon.

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