What to Expect in Fortnite v18.10: Bug Fixes, Rideable Animals & More

fortnite v18.10 patch notes

Epic Games

The first major update of Fortnite Season 8 is nearly here, and with it comes a bunch of changes to the game.

So far this season, we’ve been seeing a variety of map changes and cubes moving around on the island, and all of this has been happening without an update at all.

Now that we’re actually getting some downtime, players are expected there to be some big changes, and updates are definitely the time for developers to do just that.

Since we mentioned downtime, we figured now would be a good time to dive right into that.

Fortnite v18.10 Downtime


Downtime for this update will happen at 4 a.m. ET / 1 a.m. PT, and the game will likely go down for around an hour before it becomes available again.

At this time, you won’t be able to log into Fortnite or play any matches, so you’ll want to make sure you’re all finished before it gets to that moment.

Once it concludes, you’ll be able to install the update and jump right into all of the new stuff.

Fortnite v18.10 Bug Fixes

fortnite season 8 purple cube

Epic Games

While actual patch notes haven’t been around throughout Chapter 2, Epic does lay out the list of bugs they fix in each update, so you’ll be able to look through all of that on the official Trello board.

This board is your best bet when you come across a game-breaking bug or things like that. If it’s on the list, then you know Epic is working on a fix for it.

Here’s everything labeled for a fix in the upcoming update:

  • Scrolling in the Discover UI
  • Crash site slip streams won’t disable after hitting a certain storm circle phase
  • Vehicles take heavy damage when colliding with Mothership wreckage.
  • Dark Jonesy Stage 2 quest “Stoke a Campfire” doesn’t progress during the match when it’s obtained.
  • Donation Boards do not display War Effort items in chosen language.
  • Players are teleported when jumping into Barriers. (Creative)
  • Only allow respawn if Spawn Pads Found setting not working. (Creative)
  • Player built structures cannot be placed adjacent to Barrier Device. (Creative)
  • Unable to swap Hero Loadouts in the Lobby while using a controller. (Save the World)
  • Campfires above lv 130 are shown as 130 (Save the World)
  • Dungeon announcer “Found all coins” audio loops (Save the World)
  • Quests cannot be pinned from quest journal (Save the World)
  • Voice chat on Switch won’t connect to party chat.

The start of a season brings a huge update, so it’s no surprise to see all of these issues currently in Fortnite. Luckily, Epic will be fixing all of them in the next update.

Now, what are some new things we can look forward to?

Rideable Animals This Update?

fortnite scrapped collaborations

Epic Games

According to leaks, we know that there will be rideable animals in Fortnite at some point, so why not this update?

We don’t know anything for certain, but signs are point toward this happening at some point during the season.

It would be cool to ride around on a Raptor, and it looks like that could very well end up becoming a reality this season.

On a lesser note, but still exciting, there will be more Toona Fish styles to unlock. In case you haven’t played this season, Toona Fish is a new skin that can be given a fresh paint job to look like another skin. It’s a cool addition and is easily the most customizable skin we’ve seen in Fortnite.

This will also be the update with the buff to earned XP in the Battle Royale mode. Epic explains that players didn’t earn enough in each match, so they are making some changes.

We will also be seeing the Spicy Chug Splashes this update, something that leaked earlier in the season.

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