10 Best Smoking Games: The Ultimate List (2018)

smoking games


You’ve heard of the many drinking games available for just about any situation. Football? Check. Season finale of “insert popular TV show here”? Check. Basically any movie ever? Check. Heck, there were even drinking games for last year’s presidential debates.

But, are there smoking games for stoners? Yes. Absolutely a solid yes. My mom found drinking games super amusing when I was in college. But when she found out about smoking games, she was rolling with laughter. “You kids all grew up with structured play time when you were younger. Now you’re doing smoke Olympics? Girl, back in the day we had quarters…if we were lucky.”

Entertainment for stoners doesn’t stop at smoking games, though. There are plenty of stoner movies (both classic and non-traditional), and stoner TV shows, too.

This list is broken down with superlative titles. Some require cards or other objects, while others solely require you and some friends. Browse the headlines, and dive deeper into any that pique your interest.

A lot of people–especially our parents’ age–don’t realize there are smoking games out there. And I’m here to tell you about some of the easiest and most fun ones. Check out the best smoking games to play while stoned, and to get stoned.

1. Never Have I Ever

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If you’ve ever played Never Have I Ever, then you’re in luck. The rules are the exact same, except you must take a rip from a bowl every time you’ve done something (and have to put down a finger). Now, if you’ve never played Never Have I Ever, the rules are very easy.

Sit in a circle, stick up one hand. Starting with one person, and rotating clockwise, make a statement, “Never have I ever….”, and insert something you’ve never done. If someone has done said activity, she must put down a finger. Each time someone puts down a finger, she must take a rip from the bowl. The first person to have all five fingers down must rip an entire bowl by herself. Repeat.

Coming up with “Never have I evers” isn’t super hard. But, if you’re struggling, or already feel like you’ve gone through the ringer, then purchase a box of questions. Even if you don’t use them the whole time, these prompts will give you some fun ideas. Use them as a spring board, and smoke until you’re silly.

Price: $24.95

Buy the Never Have I Ever, The Game of Poor Life Decisions here.

2. GreenJack

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Blackjack, also known as 21, is a super popular card game. I’m sure you’ve played it with your buddies, but if you haven’t, the rules are simple. You’re playing against the dealer, aiming to reach “21”. Each card has a value. Two through 10 are face value, face cards (jack, queen, king) are worth 10, and an ace is worth one or eleven. Each player receives two cards to start off. If he’s happy about what he received, he can stay. If he received low cards and wants more, he can “hit”. Whoever has the higher card total (dealer or player) wins the round. But, if someone busts (goes over 21), it’s an automatic win for the other party.

In order to make it a smoking game, simply have the winner of the round take a bong rip, or smoke a bowl. Rounds go pretty quickly, so you won’t be sitting around for too long. Keep in mind, Blackjack can be a much more complicated game. But, with these rules it’s easy, fun, and a great way to get stoned.

Price: $5.70

Buy the Weed Playing Cards – 2 Deck Set here.

3. Weed Jenga

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Weed Jenga takes a bit of preparation before playing. But after you’ve played it once, you’ll never have to prepare again. With regular Jenga, you simply pull out a block, until someone makes the entire thing fall. With Weed Jenga, though, you need to write various smoking things on the blocks beforehand. Great examples include “take a dab”, “smoke an extra kief-y bowl”, “add ice to the bong”, or even “skip turn”, if you’re super sinister. The person to make the tower fall has to pack everyone’s glass, or roll a joint.

This game requires a bit of creativity, a bit of bud, and a few buddies. Simply follow the rules of regular Jenga, with the added cannabis portion. As the night progresses, you’ll be stoned, giggly, and stoked on your newly-found smoking game.

Price: $7.47 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Jenga Classic Game here.

4. Smoking Obstacle Course

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This game is exactly as it sounds. And, you can make it as complicated or as easy as you’d like. Moreover, it works in just about any domicile ever. If you’ve got chairs, blankets, pillows, and other living room-esque things, then you’re golden.

Simply set up the obstacle course, describe it to everyone involved, and time it. Throughout the course, place various things to smoke, like an apple, dab rig, or bong. Ensure they’re fully packed before each round. Crown the winner as King/Queen of Weed…and do it all over again.

And, if you’d like to get really fancy with building your courses, you can always purchase indoor play things. This tunnel flattens into a small, easily stored size. It’s large enough for an adult to go through, without ripping it. Upping your smoking games has never been more fun.

Price: $13.98

Buy the Pop-Up Tunnel here.

5. Drunk Driving – Smoker’s Edition

smoking games

Amazon Digital Services LLC

N64 may very well be the best gaming system of all time. Sure, there are great ones out there now, but nothing will ever beat that childhood nostalgia. Mario Kart was fun as a child, and it was fun as a drinking game in college. This smoking game is a variation of the latter.

The rules are simple. When you start a race, every person has an unlit joint. You must smoke this entire joint, in addition to actually winning the race. The catch, though, is that you may not smoke and drive. You must either set down the joint in the ash tray in between puffs (keeping it in your mouth makes it easy to cheat), or you smoke it all at once. Whoever completes this first, wins.

Of course, having an N64 on-hand is a luxury we don’t all have. Luckily, you can purchase this Nintendo classic as a digital download for various gaming units!

Price: $9.99

Buy the Mario Kart 64 here.

6. Lungs

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This is about as easy as a smoking game gets. It can be played a number of ways. The first is that everyone takes a rip at the same, while seated in a circle. Don’t exhale. Hold your breath as long as you can. The second way is to pack a bong, and time it to see who can pull in the longest. First person to let out his breath or have the worst time, has to pack a bowl or bong for the winner.

It’s super silly, but it gets you stoned quickly. All it takes is a few buddies and a little bit of bud. If you want to keep track of the number of rounds, just grab a deck of cards and hand the winner a new card for his efforts. This smoking game is guaranteed to have you cracking up.

Price: $6.73

Buy the Bicycle Hemp Deck Playing Cards here.

7. Circle of Death – Smoker’s Edition

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So, this game is a little bit different from other cannabis-related games. It calls for access to infused drinks. But if you don’t have any drinkable edibles–or don’t enjoy them–simply replace a “drink” with a small hit from the bowl. Many people know this game by the name of “Circle of Death”, while others know it as “Kings”. Each card in the deck represents an action by someone, or the group. There are many variations, so feel free to change up the list.

Place an infused drink in the center (unlike the alcohol version, this doesn’t have to be a pop top), and spread a deck of cards around it in a circle. One person starts off by pulling a card, and must perform that action. When she’s completed it, she must place the card on top of the drink. If she makes the stack fall, she must drink.

Each card’s action is as follows:

– Ace: Make a rule
– Two: Choose someone to drink
– Three: Is me. You must drink
– Four: Is girls. All girls must drink
– Five: Is jive. Give a silly dance move
– Six: Is dudes. All guys must drink
– Seven: Is heaven. Everyone points skyward, the last person to do so drinks
– Eight: Mate. Choose someone who must drink when you drink
– Nine: Rhyme. Choose a word, and the person to your left must make it rhyme. First to mess up drinks
– Ten: Categories. Choose a topic like “African countries” or “types of dogs”. Name something from that category, going clockwise until someone falters. That person then drinks
– Jack: Double down. The last person or group of people to drink, must then drink again
– Queen: Question master. Any time this person asks a question, a response must be given in the form of a question. If not, culprit must drink. Question master loses status after next Queen is drawn
– King: Last king pulled drinks the edible in the middle. Other kings pulled may add their drinks, to make it even more intense.

This game, of course, does include the use of edibles. Know what your limits are with them. Nobody wants to have someone flipping out in the middle of a smoking game. If you’re done, just let people know. Your homies will totally understand.

Price: $31.99

Buy the Trailer Park Boys Shot Glasses here.

8. Family Guy Smoking Game

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This smoking game works for just about any TV show on the planet. It’s usually best when it’s something mind-blowing or funny. But, Family Guy is such an irreverent, hilarious choice, it’s hard not to want to watch it when you’re nice and stoney. The rules are pretty easy.

Take one hit if the following occurs:

– Quagmire goes “OOH!” “giggity giggity” or “ALL RIGHT!”
– Peter laughs
– Peter or Brian get drunk or drink a beer
– Peter does something excessively stupid
– Peter says “Sweet”
– Stewie has a weapon
– Stewie says “Victory is mine!” or “Damn you!”
– Stewie chats with a random adult
– Lois prepares food
– Brian is drinking or smoking
– Anyone makes fun of Meg
– Flashbacks
– Any mention of Quahog News
– Trisha Takinowa reports
– Family drives in the car

Rip an entire bowl or bong if the following occurs:

– Anyone breaks out into song
– The Evil Monkey makes an appearance
– Jake Tucker, upside-down face kid, makes an appearance
– Any parody of another cartoon show

Insert or remove any of these. You’ll get stoned shockingly quickly–although if you watch earlier seasons, you’ll also get more of Stewie’s catch phrases. No matter the episode, though, you’ll be roaring with laughter.

Price: $14.85 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Family Guy Season 14 DVD here.

9. In Between

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Another awesome smoking game involving cards is called In Between. It’s ridiculously simple. The dealer pulls out two cards. If the player thinks the next card will be in-between the cards shown, he says as much, and places a bet (you could use physical nugs, or set values for poker chips). If he’s correct, he wins his bet. If he’s incorrect, his bet goes into the pot. If the third card matches one of the first two cards, he must double what’s in the pot.

Keep in mind, though, that if two consecutive cards are pulled by the house as the “base cards”, the current player automatically loses. But, if he pulls two of the exact same “base cards”, the player wins two chips. After the round, the dealer then sets the cards aside, and moves onto the next person. The game ends if someone bets the pot and wins it, or everyone had their turn–including the dealer.

At the end, count your chips and divvy up the prizes accordingly. If you used nugs or joints outright, you’re golden. Otherwise, see who’s the real green winner.

Price: $39.99 (43 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Poker Chip Set here.

10. Geography

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This game is an awesome way to really brush up on your world geography. The rules are simple. Someone starts off by naming something to do with geography. This could be a state, country, city, geographical phenomenon, military base, or street. Whatever the last letter of the first word is, the next person must name a place starting with that letter.

For example, if I said “Namibia”, the next person would say “Antigua”. The following person would say “Albuquerque”, and so on. The further you get into the game, the harder certain letters will become. If someone doesn’t respond in a “reasonable” amount of time, he must then smoke.

This game is designed more to have fun than to get super stoned. But, if you want to be very sinister, you could suggest it to your non-geography loving friends. Either way, you’ll impress yourself with your world knowledge.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Illuminated World Globe here.

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