5 Best Weed Grinder Card Options: The Curated List (2018)

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Grinding weed can be done in a variety of ways. You can always use a manual grinder, like the ones you’d see here. There are so many to chose from, though, it’s mind boggling. You could also choose from a variety of electric grinders, such as these guys here. Or, you could use a weed grinder card.

Weed grinder cards are exactly as they sound: a sturdy, sharp card used to grind up bud. Where it differs from its 420 counterparts, is the fact that it’s portable for virtually anyone. Manual grinders are great for travel, but if you don’t have pockets, or can’t bring a large bag, well, you’re stuck. A grinder card slides right into your wallet, leaving everyone none-the-wiser.

Grinder cards come in a variety of designs, but they’re ultimately all about the size of a credit card. Some are a bit flimsier than others, so make sure you’re purchasing a sturdy one. Otherwise you’ll just end up picking mashed bud off of the grinder card. From there, choose a design, and you’re set to go.

Instead of surfing the internet for the perfect grinder card, I’ve done all of the legwork for you. Here are the five coolest weed grinder cards money can buy.

1. V. Syndicate Cheech and Chong Grinder Card

weed grinder card

V. Syndicate

OG stoners come in many forms. Snoop Dogg is easily one of the biggest weed proponents on the planet. Seth Rogan is a much newer stoner to come onto the scene. And of course, Bob Marley will always hold the highest OG stoner title. But, who holds the title for stoner couple? I give you one guess. Yep, Cheech and Chong. Those goofballs were blazed out of their minds years before the legalization of cannabis.

What better way to grind up your weed, than with a weed grinder card featuring Cheech and Chong? In fact, if drivers licenses could have a picture of more than one person, you’d have described this grinder card to a T. It’s made of medical grade stainless steel, and has grip tape. This ensures the grinder card won’t go flying out your hands as you’re chopping away. Cheech and Chong would be proud to grind up your bud like true champs.

Price: $12.01

Buy the V. Syndicate Cheech and Chong Grinder Card here.


  • Features a design resembling a drivers license with Cheech and Chong
  • Made of high-quality medical grade steel
  • Has grip tape to make grinding easier


  • Design may wear off over time

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2. Alice in Grinderland – White Rabbit Grinder Card

weed grinder card

V. Syndicate

If there’s one movie where Disney let out their stoned thoughts, it’s definitely Alice in Wonderland. The whole concept of the movie is pretty whack (but still awesome, nonetheless). A giant, baked caterpillar makes an appearance at one point. But, one of the most popular characters–other than Alice, of course–is the White Rabbit.

He’s prominently featured on this grinder card, holding a watch. The watch is cleverly designed to integrate the grinding portion of the card. On the back is his most famous quote. But unlike the rabbit, you’ll never be stuck exclaiming “I’m late!” It’s made of medical grade stainless steel, and you have the ability to do a fine, medium, or coarse grind. Stick this in your wallet, and you won’t have to worry about the Queen catching you.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Alice in Grinderland – White Rabbit Grinder Card here.


  • Features an Alice in Wonderland design
  • Can do a coarse, fine, or medium grind
  • Made of medical grade stainless steel


  • Won’t bend if you have a super full wallet

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3. TANKING Card Tool

grinder card, weed grinder card


If you’re going to keep a grinder card in your wallet, it should help you with things other than those that are 420-related. A grinder card is useful and all, but if you’re a person of extreme utility, a regular one simply won’t do the trick. The innovative team over at Tanking really hit the nail on the head with their awesome Card Tool.

This bad boy is a 15-in-1 multi-use tool. Just like a grinder card, it fits neatly into your pocket. Only in this case, it functions as a tooth pick, screw driver, can opener, tweezers, magnifying glass, and a whole slew of other things–grinding weed, obviously being one of them. It’s made from high-quality steel, and won’t bend in your wallet. This grinder card with extra features may just save you in a future situation–420 or otherwise.

Price: $11.99

Buy the TANKING Card Tool here.


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • A 15-in-1 multi-tool – so many different uses
  • Grinds up bud very well


  • Whistle comes in a random color

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4. Raw Grinder Card

weed grinder card


If you could put money on it, Raw Authentic is almost guaranteed to make it onto a top list of just about any weed accessory. It may seem like a gimmick, but they’re just an all-around phenomenal company, producing some of the highest quality papers, rolling trays, filter tips, and more. Plus, they’re a safe bet for your pocketbook. Their awesome grinder card is no exception.

For under $10, Raw gives you an impressive grinder card that doubles as a scraper. It’s made with high-quality metal, and features three different ways to grind, thanks to grate holes in various sizing. This baby provides a fast, efficient grinding experience. It’s not too thick, although it’s pretty sturdy–it won’t bend much at all. Put your trust in a quality name: Raw.

Price: $7.23

Buy the Raw Grinder Card here.


  • Made by a company known for producing high-quality smoking gear
  • Gives you the ability to grind up bud into three different sizes
  • Very sharp to effectively grind greens


  • Can get dirty very quickly

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5. Grinder Card Bundle

weed Grinder card


Sometimes just a grinder card won’t cut it. Sure it’s fun to order a single item and all, but what if there are other things on your weed wishlist? These can include pipes, stash jars, lighters, hemp wick, and more. Investing in an entire smoking set-up is an awesome “treat yourself” gift, which is why you need to check out this awesome little kit.

If you’ve been craving some new weed accessories, but also know you need a grinder card, I’ve got you covered. This awesome kit comes with a smell-proof hard case, hemp wick, cleaning tool, grinder card, and sick looking glass eye pipe. All you need is some bud and you’re set to go. And, if you end up disliking some part of the kit, theres a money-back guarantee. Smoke in style with this set up–grind up your bud with an awesome grinder card.

Price: $29.95

Buy the Grinder Card Bundle here.


  • Comes with tons of accessories, including a pipe, hemp wick, and more
  • Grinder card is made of durable material
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Not ideal if you’re only looking for a grinder card

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